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Istanbul and North Cyprus


Istanbul and North Cyprus Holidays


A relaxing holiday in North Cyprus is a truly magical experience, there’s no doubt of that. But why not combine it with something totally different? Make it an "Istanbul and North Cyprus Holiday", Add a visit to Istanbul - a unique, amazing city that straddles two continents & cultures


Istanbul is a destination that is not to be missed. If you like ancient and modern history, bustling bazaars, al fresco dining, and a destination oozing with culture – then Istanbul’s vibrant fusion of Europe and Asia is the place for you.


Istanbul is unique in that it manages to balance its history with its developments. On Istanbul and North Cyprus Twin Centre Holidays you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, with the unique décor and architectural style creating a spiritual ambience everywhere you explore. The ancient history of the city is entwined with the landscape and the modern luxuries. You could spend the day visiting mosques, historic churches and shopping in the colourful markets that sell intricately embroidered crafts and delicious treats. At the same time, you can pop into a shopping mall or have a fancy meal at a restaurant. There’s so much to discover that you’ll find yourself lost in a charismatic pallet of exotic sights as soon as you step off the plane!


Of course, no visit to Istanbul would be complete without a trip to the picturesque Istanbul islands. Go island-hopping and marvel at the waterfront homes of the rich and famous, or take the more cultural option with the locals and enjoy a sandwich with fish freshly caught by the Istanbul fishermen.


All of this is just a handful of the experiences you can enjoy in Istanbul, a city whose sights and sounds, whose tastes and smells will let you experience something new. Many of these experiences revolve around the enchanting Bosphorus, which makes Istanbul the perfect setting for relaxation, exploration – and enchantment. Having been named Europe’s cultural capital in 2010, Istanbul is somewhere that everyone should see at one point in their lives. There is truly no other city like it!


The hotels featured here for 'Direct Traveller Istanbul and North Cyprus Twin Centre Holidays' are a selection from our extensive directory which includes 3 to 5 star hotels, boutique residences and Ottoman mansions.


As all 'Istanbul and North Cyprus twin centre holidays' are tailor made, alternative Istanbul hotels are available. All packages are tailor made to your needs, and if you require a longer or shorter stay this is possible. Contact us to tailor make the ultimate experience in the Mediterranean