This time of year, people are often thinking about Christmas…. and what presents to get our loved ones. Let’s be honest, we all love a gift under the tree. Some people are lucky enough to receive a holiday in their stocking this Christmas day. Direct Traveller often has requests from their clients looking to surprise their loved ones on this special day. This year is no exception with an Istanbul city break purchased as a gift, and a North Cyprus holiday purchased too.

We all love travelling… whether it’s to relax, or to take in the culture of a destination. Any travel gift is an ideal present… I know i wouldn’t mind having a holiday away under my tree. So if we are generous enough to purchase our loved ones a holiday to the sunshine, then what should we look out for in the holiday, and how can we ensure a real holiday deal?

Not always about the price

Firstly and importantly it’s not all about price. Of course competitively priced holidays is the way forward, but look out for those hidden extra costs within the package. A low price may sometimes be offset with low quality accommodation. Use a reputable company to arrange the holiday for you to ensure this is not the case. For example Direct Traveller hotels and holidays are all personally hand selected for their suitability and high standards within their class category.
Is the price including your transfers, your in-flight meals, and even your baggage allowance? Many companies have hidden costs linked to their travel arrangements. The price you pay may be missing something that you would think is an obvious necessity for the holiday. Imagine flying without any clothes with you… well believe it or, many companies advertise their prices without your baggage allowance included.. .cheeky!
We even throw in free airport transfers for most of our holidays. Our policy is transparent pricing… and we will always keep it that way. Think convenience when buying your parents or your uncle and aunt a getaway. The emphasis is that it’s meant to be a break… and not a trek 40 miles to the airport. The price might be tempting, but make sure you don’t force an extra cost onto your loved ones this Christmas with a heavy fee on taxi rides, or train journeys.


Direct Traveller holidays are from 17 UK airports, to ensure complete convenience. Your dearest will be flying off to a great holiday from their close-by, local airport. Now that’s how to start a holiday! Check the small print is the key to the next point… did you know some companies call their flights direct, even when there are touchdowns involved! Just because you do not change aircraft, they describe the flight as direct… so ensure you ask for “non-stop direct flights” to your destination… Direct Traveller includes non-stop direct flights in all of their holidays as standard. If it’s not non-stop, we will stay where the flight is via… whether you get out of the aircraft or not.

Holiday Protection

The final point to look out for is the protection of the holiday. You don’t want your money to go to waste if the supplier fails, so ensure your flight holiday is ATOL protected for your financial protection. Also ask for ABTA membership to ensure the holiday has certain standards that the company must meet. Direct Traveller holidays are both ABTA and ATOL protected for total protection. If you’re looking for stocking fillers, or a real cracker of a present, then a holiday will definitely be remembered. In fact these tips should be remembered all year around. Whether you are shopping for your own summer holidays or winter holidays, or buying a gift for someone special.

Happy shopping, and have a very happy Christmas.