A landscape of desolate dunes may not sound like the most inviting of places, but once you enter the enchanting Omani Wahiba Sands you’ll feel very differently. There’s a contrast of senses that are aroused in such an environment, with a supreme serenity alongside the exhilaration of such open land that inspires a desire for adventure, reminiscent of famous desert roamers like Lawrence of Arabia. There are a number of exciting opportunities to be found, though a classic has to be the camel ride. It’s something that completes any venture to the desert and will make you feel like a fully fledged explorer. For a much faster ride you’ll want to consider doing some dune bashing. This involves jumping in a 4 wheel drive and hitting the dusty slopes, watching sand sweep past the windows and challenging the horizons with this adrenaline fueled activity.

Wahiba Sands If the above seems a bit terrifying, don’t worry, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy the desert as a luxurious setting for relaxation and reflection. Desert camping is particularly popular, and there are a number hotel’s that are specifically based in this unusual location, such as the 1000 Nights Camp in Wahiba Sands for example. This allows your camping experience to be as basic or exotic as you wish, with many places providing similar facilities to city or beach side based resorts, with a swimming pool and fancy restaurants along with comfortable rooms designed with mystical charm all settled amongst the natural and tranquil beauty of the Omani sands. While some may choose to only stay one or two nights in the desert, others might want to stay for longer. Either way, this kind of holiday provides the perfect opportunity for catching the incredible views of the sunrise and sunset over the dunes, along with the promise of crystal clear star studded skies each night. Daytime activities can include going on treks or being treated to some delicious coffee and traditional hospitality by a Bedouin family. Those that are interested in photography will also find being in such a setting a dream for taking magnificent shots.

Desert Safari While Oman is a colourful bustle of historical culture and spiritual architecture, it is in its deserts that you’ll find the true essence of its character. These remain untouched, like pieces of frozen time that are free from the rush and pressures of modern day life. For this reason, a visit to the Omani desert is a must for anybody in search of unique experiences and a little bit of magic.