Direct Traveller Holidays

To our valued customers,

With a heavy heart, I have personally decided that as of today Direct Traveller will currently not be offering future holidays to North Cyprus and our other destinations.

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents a trading environment that is too risky to operate.

Our vision for holidays at Direct Traveller has always been focused on quality service, product innovation, and driven by our passion for North Cyprus (and our other destinations).

With such an uncertainty in global travel, it is virtually impossible for us to guarantee your future holidays would take place, and at the same standards you would expect from us for the past 18 years.

My dedicated team and I would like to thank all our loyal customers for choosing Direct Traveller. It has been a great pleasure booking your holidays over the years.

What does this mean to you?

1. Customers
If any customers were due refunds, these have now been fully paid. Direct Traveller has no liabilities remaining to pay customers. All customer debts are fully paid.

2. Hotels and other suppliers
All suppliers have been fully paid any due invoices, and Direct Traveller has no liabilities remaining to pay to any suppliers. All supplier debts are fully paid.

Until the situation changes we can only wait and see as COVID-19 unravels. It has been a great pleasure offering you our holiday services. Thank you again for choosing Direct Traveller.

Wishing you good health and warm regards,

Ramadan Ozdemir
Managing Director