Holidays in North Cyprus and Turkey have always been exceptional value for money. The quality of the resorts and hotels on offer, the level of personal service you receive, and the natural beauty of the destinations have made both a choice for discerning travellers.

New Value in Turkish Lira Currency

There is now another major reason to take North Cyprus holidays and Turkey holidays – and that’s the Turkish Lira currency. With the Turkish Lira currently exchanging at 8.5TL to the Pound Sterling this is exceptionally great value for tourists. In perspective we are mentioning these figures that represent approximately 40% decrease in value to the British pound just this year, and even closer to double when compared to last year’s values. That means its at approximately 40% cheaper than it was at the beginning of the year to buy goods and services in Turkey and North Cyprus when changing up your British pounds. The extra value is in the exchange rate for tourists. the Turkish Lira’s lower value means, you get more lira to the British pounds sterling. Your expenditure will naturally feel cheaper while you are out on your holidays in both North Cyprus and Turkey.

Well what would you do with your extra 40% value for money? This is what some of the Direct Traveller team have said they would do with their extra cash…

1. Eat more fresh local fish and kebabs

With fresh fish and traditional kebabs readily available you would be forgiven if you over ate with your savings. Enjoying the finest of fresh Turkish food in North Cyprus and Turkey.

Turkish kebabs | Turkey cuisine, North Cyprus cuisine

2. Sunbathe more at sandy beaches

The gorgeous sandy beaches are very welcoming. Use your budget to enjoy VIP service at the many beach clubs and let the world pass you by.

Turkish Beaches | North Cyprus beach

3. Get the adrenaline flowing with water sports

Both North Cyprus and Turkey have an immense amount of water sports available to travellers looking to raise their adrenaline levels. From water skiing to banana rides, donut rides, para-sailing and more, there is plenty of choice.

Turkish Water Sports | North Cyprus water-sports

4. Relax the mind with more local beers, wines and spirits

Whether you like a beer or spirits, North Cyprus and Turkey  has very tasty options for you. Enjoy the national lager “EFES” and take in the Pilsner while relaxing by the beach. For a sweeter spirits, the “RAKI” is the choice. Sip some Raki with water and ice, along with a platter of fish for the best experience. North Cyprus even has its own vineyard winery which has opened recently, and the speciality spirit is brandy. Definitely worth trying while you are out there.

Turkish Raki | Turkish Alcohol

6. Indulge in more Turkish desserts

We have all heard of Turkish delights, but Turkish desserts do not stop there. Try traditional fresh Baklava, filo pastry designed for the Ottoman Sultans,  “Sakiz dondurmasi” Mastik ice-cream which is a traditional ice cream made from natural ingredients from the Mastik tree.

Turkish Desserts | Baklava

6. Get off the beaten track and rent a car

There’s no way better to feel the freedom and experience the true flavours of a destination than renting a car. Well, this is on our list for that reason. Get in your car at your own pace and go visit attractions in your own way. For example, visit the panhandle of north Cyprus and dip into the crystal-clear waters, maybe you will spot a turtle while you are there!

Turkish Car hire | Northern Cyprus car rentals

7. Enjoy the savings when on the return

Not as much fun and glamorous as the other six options above, but probably one that we would all appreciate. Saving 1/3 on your spending will mean you have that money in the UK to pay for a few bills and even perhaps for your holiday cost in the first place. That’s always welcome bonus for any of us.

Save on holiday | Turkish holiday deals

8. Invite a friend and let them enjoy it

They say sharing is caring. So why not invite a friend on your holiday with the money you are going to save while out on your holidays. We are sure you will be very popular at this time!

holidays with friends | Turkish holidays
Whatever you decide to do with your amazing value for money savings while on your holiday in North Cyprus or Turkey, you will benefit from the amazing value-for-money Turkish Lira currency at this time.

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