Spring is that dreamy time of year where we think of fluffy little rabbits hopping through fields, beautiful flowers in bloom and a whole lot of chocolate. If you live in the UK though, you’re likely only going to agree with the latter point. Our springs are a bit of a lucky dip, as we get teased with some sunshine and blossom, then rain, rain, and more rain. Forget going on nature trails, this time of year usually means burrowing under a duvet and working through the hoards of Easter chocolate.
There is a way for flora enthusiasts to still get their fix though. While the world is full of exotic nature, there’s one little part of it that is a modest host to some truly spectacular plants and orchids: North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Flora

North Cyprus’ flora is such a highlight that it’s one of the main reasons many choose to visit. There are over 1,250 different species to see, and this is particularly beautiful to experience when in bloom, from around March to April. The vibrancy of the colours and diversity in species due to the Mediterranean climate makes for a spectacular sight amongst the regions placid, unspoilt scenery.
Visiting in spring not only offers the most beautiful of the nature as it gradually comes to life, but also provides comfortable temperatures that range from about 21-24 Celsius. This means that those visiting can go on nature trails and hikes, exploring the various plant species without the heat getting to the point of distraction.

Which plant species will I see?

The types of species that you’re likely to encounter in North Cyprus during spring include the neon yellow of the Oxalis pes-caprae, which illuminates the deep green of the grass, brightening the landscape to a similar effect of lanterns glowing amongst darkness. Then add to this sight the gentle pastels of the anemones, and most fascinatingly, the orchids.
Orchids come in many different types and are most remarkable through their animated resemblance to certain creatures. Take the Ophrys Apifera for example, which is also known as the Bee Orchid due to the fact it could easily be mistaken for one. Others such as the Ophrys Elegans appear like Rorschach tests, with their patterns forming face like features. The wonderful thing about the variety of orchids in North Cyprus, which is estimated at around 32, is how diverse and animated a species they are, embellishing the environment in fascinations.
There are also a number of trees to see – namely the olive trees, along with carob trees, Pinus Brutia and orange trees, reminding of the importance agriculture plays within North Cyprus, as well as adding a gentle fragrance to the air that rejuvenates the senses of those walking the paths they line.

The best areas to find flora

The North Cyprus orchids are best found at Alevkaya Forest Station herbarium, which is situated along the mountain trail of Kyrenia and includes around 800 species of plant. This was first created back in 1986 and includes an amazing collection of flora all in one place, famously including orchids, so that those with a particular interest in North Cyprus’s nature can find out more and satisfy their curiosity without travelling all over the region.
Outside of this the mountains are spectacular for finding woodland flora, making Kyrenia Mountain in particular a popular hiking trail. The Karpaz Peninsula is also a part of North Cyprus that is renowned for its natural beauty. This is the place to be if you want to see plant species such as the Zosima Absinthifolia, Helianthemum, and the odd wild donkey along the way too!

Getting around

There are two main ways for experiencing the North Cyprus nature. The first is renting a car, which allows you to venture further afield from where you’re staying, which in turn allows you to explore the diversity of plant species across the landscapes with ease. The second and most common way is to walk. You can either go with a tour guide or without, as maps are available for those that want to explore the local plant life.

The benefits of North Cyprus’s flora

Whether a botanist or not, a North Cyprus holiday spent seeing flora is something everybody should do. Along with the region’s treasure trove of historical sites it’s what casts a charisma over the environment, adding an essence of exhilaration to the laid back ambience. A nature trail in North Cyprus also rarely just means spotting plants and orchids, as particularly in parts such as the Karpaz Peninsula It’s very likely you’ll catch sight of some exotic birds and other wildlife.
It’s the ideal holiday activity for all types of traveller, including families. North Cyprus’ placid nature is so much a part of its identity and therefore to explore this aspect of it is to become truly acquainted with it. Most importantly though, it’s an activity that encourages the focus on eco-tourism in North Cyprus, which is what preserves the region’s landscapes so that those visiting can feel as at peace as the grounds they’re stood on.
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Spring is that dreamy time of year where we think of fluffy little rabbits hopping through fields, beautiful flowers in bloom and a whole lot of chocolate. If you live in the UK though, you’re likely only going to agree with the latter point. Our springs are a bit...