I find ghost towns fascinating in the way that they can be time capsules to the past, and also a creepy reminder of how the world would look if we were to just suddenly disappear

Kaya village, also known as Kaykoy is 8km south of the Fethiye region in Turkey. It has been deserted since 1923, after a population exchange agreement between the Turkish and Greek governments. Now the village is an interesting destination for tourists to visit, considered a ‘museum village’, with snacks and drinks available for those looking to spend the most part of a day here exploring.


Much of the scenery is still untouched and in ruins, though some of the houses have been restored. The two Greek Orthodox Churches in particular are highlights to see, along with a fountain source from the 17th Century. It has since been adopted as a world friendship and peace village of UNESCO. You’ll find some magnificent views surrounding the area too, with the Greek island of Rhodes being visible on a clear day.

A little side fact about Kaya is that it is thought to be the basis for the fictional village of Eskibahçe, which author Louis de Bernieres used for his novel ‘Birds without Wings’. If you’re in the Fethiye or Oludeniz area then this is a great day trip idea, with a somewhat haunting and lonesome atmosphere that creates a strong historical presence.