Malta is a small island located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, with Sicily as its closest neighbour at less than 100 kilometres away. Lying at just 122 square miles with a population of around 450,000, Malta is one of the worlds smallest, most densely populated countries in the world. It is the largest of 3 islands and is the tourism and is the Commercial and Tourism hub of the trio.


Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural, characterised by fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture.


Comino the smallest of the trio, has one hotel and is largely uninhabited. People here are warm and welcoming, but also have a certain gentle reserve. With year round sunny weather, sandy beaches, a thriving night-life and 7,000 years of intriguing history, there is a great deal to see and do on this gem of an island.

Take In The History and Culture

The history of Malta goes back some 7,000 years and can be seen in the beautiful buildings, including that 16th century masterpiece the Grandmasters’ Palace, now used as the parliament building, and the National Museum of Fine Arts which dates from around 1570 offering art from the early Renaissance up to the present day.

Taste The Gorgeous Cuisine

The Maltese cuisine is a blend emanating from several civilisations who have occupied the islands over the years. This gives an original taste to the fish and meat dishes served in the many speciality restaurants dotted all over the islands.

Enjoy a brunch of a freshly baked Maltese Pastizzi. Crisp flaky pastry, almond shaped and filled with fluffy ricotta cheese. A lunchtime favourite is fresh locally caught seasonal lampuki (mahi mahi), roasted simply in the oven, washed down with a glass of Maltese white wine. For dinner, experience the national dish of Slow Cooked Maltese Rabbit stew.

Discover The Amazing Captal City – Valletta

Described as the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Valletta (European City of culture 2018) is one of Europe’s greatest architectural show-pieces. Often described as an open-air museum, with over 7,000 years of history, it stands as one of the world’s best preserved fortified cities.

As cities go, Valletta is tiny. You can walk across its widest point in less than around 20 minutes. In contrast, however, its spectacular Grand Harbour is the biggest in the Mediterranean. Apart from an ancient history, there’s also plenty in the way of modern attractions, and Valletta’s cafés, bars and restaurants have helped refresh its image as a staid sun spot. Some great boutique hotels and accommodation options have also helped attract a more sophisticated crowd, and there are also plenty of outdoor pursuits to enjoy, from sailing to cycling.

See The Breath-taking Blue Hole & Azure Window

Named the Azure Window famous in Malta and a must see site. It is a large natural arch on the sea cliffs, which has  breath-taking views. In the rocks in front of it is another geological section called the Blue Hole – a limestone chimney, about 25m deep, that connects with the open sea through an underwater arch.

Experience The Island of adventure

With all that gorgeous sunshine, there is so much to explore on the Maltese islands. Enjoy visiting historic sites, including castles, palaces and chapels, or simply enjoy the wonderful variety of plants and wild flowers. For those preferring to get out on the water, take one of the wonderful boat cruises that are available.

Malta is a country on the up and all the investment that is coming from this, along with the stunning natural attractions the country has, makes it an irresistible option for a visit in 2016.

Have you visited Malta? what’s on your bucket list for Malta holidays?