The International Bellapais Music Festival is one of the best known music festivals in North Cyprus, and has been running since 1996. It is hosted annually in Bellapais Abbey, which is near to the Kyrenia region. This setting provides beautiful Gothic architecture as scenery that perfectly emphasises the grandeur and sweeping clarity of classical music. The abbey also brings to life an atmosphere of the past and present, providing an experience that is full of enlightening spirit.
Festivals are all about bringing people together, and every May/June the Bellapais does just that through gathering some of the most talented classical musicians from around the world. It is not just about promoting the North Cyprus culture, but about becoming grounds upon which there can be an inspiring collaboration of joint passion for music and art. You’ll find staged classical performances along with modern concerts, jazz, piano recitals and brass performances also. Seeing some of these amid such incredible nature and architecture gives a festival experience like no other.
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