When visiting North Cyprus it is sometimes essential to have a car to make the most of your holiday.  Kyrenia Car Rental can sometimes make your holiday in North Cyprus a more enjoyable experience.  There is public transport available in North Cyprus however the bus schedules can be quite haphazard and take much longer to arrive at your destination than if you were to drive yourself.  Kyrenia Car Rental also allows you the comfort of air-conditioning which public transport does not.  During the peak summer months travelling on public transport can get a little uncomfortable.
Kyrenia Car Rental means you can plan your journey the way you want so you do not waste any time of your holiday waiting around for buses.  Kyrenia Car Rental also gives the freedom to go at your own pace at your own time rather than having to rush back to catch the bus home.  There are also some places that are hard to reach by public transport such as the Karpas Peninsula also known as “The Pan handle”.  The Karpas Peninsula is a must on your visit to North Cyprus as this is where you will find some of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean so Kyrenia Car Rental is really useful for such days out.
Kyrenia Car Rental is easy and stress-free with Direct Traveller.  There are various companies that Direct Traveller use so choice and availability is never difficult.  Kyrenia Car Rental, unlike other European countries, is straightforward and inexpensive as there are so many companies to choose from.  Direct Traveller ensure prices are always competitive for our customers and as they drive on the same side in North Cyprus as we do in the UK driving is quite enjoyable.
Direct Traveller has a whole range of options available on the type of cars you can hire.  Whether it is a manual or an automatic car you want Direct Traveller can provide it for you and with or without air-conditioning.  However, we do recommend air-conditioning during the peak summer months when the temperatures can go well above 30oC.  Direct Traveller can also arrange to have your car dropped and collected from your hotel.
Like any other country there are some requirements you need to meet before you can hire a car in North Cyprus.  Drivers must be 25 years and over and have a valid driving licence or an international driving licence.