While we’re not yet in an age of flying cars and alien meet ups, we do have ipads and self stirring mugs. Technology has made our lives better, lazier, and sometimes stranger.

As ridiculous and seemingly unnecessary as some gadgets might seem, especially many of those mentioned in the following list, they can still prove pretty helpful when it comes to things like travelling.
Let’s face it too, a holiday is the one time you want life to be made as easy as possible, so I’ve compiled a list of 10 handy/bizarre inventions that could help to give you a smooth journey and enhance your holiday experience. A lot of them will also make great conversation starters with the locals and fellow tourists!

1. The Ostrich Pillow

While it may look completely ridiculous, the Ostrich Pillow is actually a great idea for those moments where your flight has been delayed or you’re struggling to nap on the plane. It creates a completely isolated environment for the person wearing it to easily relax in and fall asleep. While you might get some funny looks, who cares? You’ll be happily hidden away in your very own nap palace.

2. Underwater Camera Mask

Scuba diving is a must for any beach escapists, with an exotic array of flora and fauna to be explored beneath the surface of coastal crystalline waters.
While waterproof cameras are all well and good for capturing the beauty of the underwater scenery, there’s always the worry that the deeper out you go, you might just drop your camera. Carrying a camera can disrupt the moment too, not allowing you to freely move your arms without clutching an extra object. It’s for this reason that the Underwater Camera Mask is a good idea, as you can simply click the button at the top of the mask and capture the very sights you’re witnessing.

3. Travel Money Belt

Money can be the biggest worry when travelling. It can be easy to misplace when distracted by the excitement of being somewhere new, or can be dangerous to carry around certain areas where there’s the risk of being pick pocketed. This is where the travel money belt comes in, helping to keep your finances, and your trousers secure. The only downside to this is that you’ll have to undo your belt every time you want to pay for something, which may look a little odd to the person at the till.

4. Waterproof Cases

It’s more than likely that you’ll be bringing a phone with you on holiday, which is always slightly risky business, especially when your destination has swimming pools and an alluring sea. Don’t fear though, as you can buy both waterproof cases for phones and ipads, meaning that if you do accidentally walk into the sea with your phone in your trunks pocket not all is lost.

5. TrakDot Luggage Tracker

Something that is always a cause for concern is losing your luggage. It’s a fear that sits in the back of many travellers minds along with worries over forgetting to do something vital like lock the front door (or bring your kid).
That moment where you step off the plane and stand amongst other jetlagged passengers; staring desperately into the hypnotic darkness of the luggage belt is intense. Then almost always there will be someone that has the same luggage as you, giving false hope and leaving you feeling embarrassed after almost trying to run off with another person’s stuff.
The TrakDot luggage tracker is here to give you peace of mind though, through sending you a text message after landing to let you know your luggage has arrived safe and sound.

6. Personal Air Purifier

Getting to your destination can involve a lot of sitting in stuffy public transport, and if the idea of this sparks nightmares of coughing, humidity and all the other hypochondriac thoughts that come with such an atmosphere, you might be interested in this personal air purifier.
The light Minimate AS150MM gadget is designed to hang around your neck or clip onto clothing and blow purified air in your direction so that you can stay stress and germ free in your own little purified air bubble.

7. The Mushroom Wall Charger

This nifty little charger is not only colourful and cute looking, but also environmentally friendly. It can charge a variety of devices while also saving on energy. The way in which its wire tucks discreetly around it also makes this a great portable item for travelling with.

8. Battery Powered Back Up Phone

We’ve all become so dependable on our mobile phones nowadays, though for this reason feel all the more lost when something happens to them. On day trips there’s always the possibility you might run out of battery, lose signal, or even lose your phone! Of course, you might not even want to bring your phone, not wanting to bother with paying the extra charges for using it abroad. Whatever the circumstance it’s always useful to have a backup way of contacting people, especially when in a foreign country. This is where the battery powered SpareOne phone is a big comfort.
Its single AA battery allows for up to ten hours of use, and can be used to make emergency calls despite having no SIM card. It can even sustain its charge for up to fifteen years if unused! So you won’t have to worry about it running out of battery anytime soon once purchased. It also comes with a waterproof bag and resistance to extreme weather conditions, meaning that no matter the situation, the SpareOne will have your back.

9. The Traveller’s T Shirt

The Traveller’s T Shirt is such a simple idea, yet also very useful if you’re visiting destinations where not many of the residents speak your language. You can just point to the symbol of what it is you’re looking for! The only issue may be working out what their response is. The other dilemma is that you probably won’t want to wear this t shirt everywhere, but hey, it’s only a t shirt so still light enough to carry in a bag just in case.

10. The Bodum Coffee Maker Flask

Nothing brings a bit of home comfort like a nice cuppa tea or coffee, and for this reason taking a Bodum coffee maker flask away with you allows you to make your own tea or coffee and then keep it warm for the next few hours. This is especially great if you’re getting up early to take a transfer to somewhere or wandering around some historical sites and want some caffeine on hand to keep your fascination fuelled. A flask is always a good idea.
So there you have it, a list of some useful, and many rather ridiculous travel inspired gadgets. On one last note, if you’re quite happy to stick to the bare essentials when travelling, how about saving yourself a lot of money and just purchasing a funky pair of shades?