Cyprus is a fantastic part of Europe to visit, despite its disparately governed halves, where good wine is easy to find, good weather similarly so and beaches available in abundance. The country also holds many fantastic historical sites; including roman ruins and ancient tombs, set alongside the continuation of a rich, tempestuous history.

The Morning Fishing

Tourists and travellers however, are always welcome and the country is filled with things to see and do. We’re rounding up just a few of them in our top 5 list.

  1. Fig Tree Bay

Sounding like somewhere straight out of the pages of a pirate book; Fig Tree Bay, is a small stretch of sand located in Protaros. Once the third best beach in Europe, Fig Tree Bay consists of a beautiful stretch of sand cradled by rocks and greenery all around.

Beautiful Waters
Beautiful Waters

If you’re planning on taking the family to Cyprus, this is by far the best beach for you, having become popular with family groups due to its shallow waters and soft sand. A small island is reachable through the shallows for fantasy games and sun bathing alike and water sports are also available to keep everyone entertained.

Tourists At Fig Tree Bay Protaras ,  Cyprus
Tourists at Fig Tree famous bay beach relaxing and enjoying their summer holidays on July 14 2015 at Protaras area in Cyprus
  1. Nissi Beach

If more beach than bay is your thing then check out Nissi Beach – world famous for its snow white sands and clear turquoise waters. You’ll find Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa; a region of Cyprus mainly known for its hens and stags. Nissi, however, is well worth the safari!

Beach summer umbrella
Couple on holiday relax in the sun

It’s beyond beautiful and is surrounded by amazing restaurants and beach bars. The beach is often left quiet by the more rowdy holiday makers, who favour the foam parties of Nissi Bay, and the water is crystal clear – so clear in fact it’s award winning.

Cyprus Beach
People relax at Nissi Beach in Cyprus. Tourism makes about 10 percent of Cyprus budget with 2.4 million annual arrivals (2011).
  1. Kollosi Castle

Kollosi Castle is an archaic stronghold perched atop a medieval mound. Reigning over the country side for centuries, Kollosi Castle can be seen from all around and is located just south west of Kollosi Village. Once the headquarters of medieval crusaders; this bold castle has been rebuilt many times throughout history, the scars of which can be seen in its stones.

The region around Kollosi Castle is also well known for its fine wines and various vineyards,so why not take a look at these whilst you’re in the area?

  1. Tombs of the Kings

Everyone’s favourite history lesson; The Tombs of the Kings – as in Egypt these house the treasures, riches and embalmed bodies of the high officials and aristocrats of Cypriot history. The Tombs sit barely one mile west of Paphos Harbour and have been explored for centuries now.

Ancient Paphos necropolis known as Tombs of the Kings, Cyprus.
Ancient Paphos necropolis known as Tombs of the Kings, Cyprus.

This World Heritage Site, however, was officially investigated and granted its status as such, in the 1970 and 80s. A visit here is certainly one for the bucket list – this ancient place is awe inspiring and makes for a fantastic excursion.

  1. Larnaca Salt Lake

Larnaca Salt Lake is an impressive natural site of interest found just west of Larnaca city. The Salt Lake is actually comprised of four separate salt lakes; Aliki, Orphani, Soros and Spiro, all of which form the complex network of lakes we see today.

The lakes are something to see for any nature enthusiasts and are home to myriad species of bird – being one of their important migratory routes through Cyprus. Perhaps most impressive, are the bright pink flamingos who gather here in their hundreds at certain times of year. The Salt Lake is also home to the Hala Sultan Tekke; one of the holiest shrines of the ottoman Islamic faith, and is an extremely interesting site to see.

Flamingo Birds On A Lake Larnaca, Cyprus
Flamingo birds on a salt lake in Larnaca Cyprus

One thing will always be true of the whole of Cyprus; it is a stunning country – lush with vineyards and rugged terrain, with a bold history and fabulous traditions. It’s the perfect choice for a trip of any kind and there’s sure to be a warm welcome when you get there.


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Under Umbrellas

The Stone Arch
The Stone Arch

The Byzantine Church

Girl on the beach near Aphrodite birthplace, Cyprus
Girl on the beach near Aphrodite birthplace, Cyprus
Late afternoon view of the Paphos Castle (Paphos, Cyprus)
Late afternoon view of the Paphos Castle (Paphos, Cyprus)

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