The myriad styles of architecture in the Croatian City of Split make it seem as though you are entering into a fairy-tale world; from Roman ruins to Gothic structures, the city’s history is on display and in the open. The majority of Split is encased in the ancient boundary walls of Diocletian’s palace, built centuries ago by the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Split Restaurants in Croatia offer fresh produce, fish, pasta and local sources of meat. Split offers a traditional array of restaurants to explore whilst visiting the city. Croatian cuisine may not be famous world over but the available fruits of the land and fresh seafood make for fine dining wherever you go.

We’re homing in on the top 5 Split restaurants in our list – to help give you a taste of what Split has to savour.

  1. Paradox Wine and Cheese Bar

    paradox - split Croatia restaurants
    Paradox – split Croatia restaurants

This traditional street bar is part of the local community in Split – serving up a simple selection of classic Croatian, and world, cheeses alongside a truly decadent wine selection. If you’re lucky you’ll even get an education on the fine produce served here as you order. And who doesn’t love sharing new knowledge with friends and family (and showing off a bit!) when they get home?

Great for a date night or socialising with friends as well as to simply relax and enjoy yourself the friendly atmosphere and watch the world go by.

  1. Konoba Fetivi

    Konoba-Matejuska - Split Croatia restaurants
    Konoba-Matejuska – Split Croatia restaurants

This homely fish restaurant is the perfect setting for a cosy holiday meal – serving beautiful local catches and fresh seafood. Konoba Fetivi will have your mouth watering the moment you step through its doors.

With sharing platters and whole fish dishes on the menu, you want to be sure to bring your appetite with you to this Croatian restaurant – where the portions are ample and everything tastes divine!

  1. Dvor

    Dvor Restaurant - Split Croatia restaurants
    Dvor Restaurant – Split Croatia restaurants

If romantic meals on the beach are your thing, then head straight for this delightful dinner time favourite – where you can dine whilst overlooking the waves and watching the beautiful Croatian sunset.

Dvor specialises in beautifully presented fine dining and even offers seven course sampler menus, for you to impress that special someone with. Stay late and watch the stars on Bacvice Beach with a glass of wine and something sweet. A trip to Dvor is always worth savouring.

  1. Konoba Marjan

    Konoba Marjan - Split Croatia restaurants
    Konoba Marjan – Split Croatia restaurants

Another traditional Croatian fish restaurant, Konoba Marjan just had to be on our list; thanks to its simple approach to fresh fish and their delicious results – all using the best ingredients available to the season.

The staff at this Split restaurant are really helpful and give great recommendations on which dishes are particularly tasty – so be sure to ask for their favourites. If the staff and locals like it, you’re on to a good thing, and this place is always packed and buzzing with a naturally buoyant atmosphere.

  1. Perivoj

    Perivoj Restaurant - Split Croatia restaurants
    Perivoj Restaurant – Split Croatia restaurants

Perivoj is a fantastic Split restaurant in a stunning setting – the buildings and crowds continuing the fairy tale theme of Split’s entire landscape. A dinner time favourite, it’s easy to see why, when the lights are turned on and the whole place is illuminated from below, dining here is a wonderful experience for all the senses!

Serving staples like risotto and pasta dishes Perivoj does classic, simple food extremely well – relying on traditional recipes and time honoured favourites to create its fantastic menu.

Split is a great place to visit for the fabulous food, wonderful wine and amazing historic sites and architectural ruins – all of which give this place its air of majesty. The food, for one, is most certainly fit for royalty.

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Split? or Have you visited these? let us know.