Many tourists and travellers thinking of visiting North Cyprus have questions to ask, here are the top 15 useful questions people ask when trying to find out facts about North Cyprus… and of course their answers.

  1. Can you Fly Direct to Northern Cyprus?

    To enjoy North Cyprus holidays with direct flights, you must fly to Larnaca airport or Paphos airports in the South of the border. Flights to Larnaca are approximately 3.5 hours in duration, and are non-stop direct. Transfers to Kyrenia, in the North, are 1 hour 15 minutes and Famagusta are 35 minutes in duration. Flights to North Cyprus are all via Turkey, with a change of aircraft required, usually in Istanbul.

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  2. What Airport is in Northern Cyprus?

    The main airport in Northern Cyprus is Ercan airport. Flights to Ercan are via Turkey, and so many tourists also use the airports south of the Cyprus border – Larnaca and Paphos airports.

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  3. Can you Go from Southern Cyprus to Northern Cyprus?

    Yes, the borders between Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus were opened in 2003, Restrictions have slowly been lifted since then. There are many check-points to cross through the borders, and so it is very easy and normal to travel through them. Locals travel through for work or shopping, and tourists travel to stay or make day trips. Fact: Direct Traveller was the first tour operator to offer holidays through the borders, and we specialise in this route. Even offering North Cyprus and South Cyrus twin centre holidays.

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  4. Can you Take a Hire Car into Northern Cyprus?

    You can hire a car in Cyprus and travel through the borders. Whether you hire the car in South Cyprus, or North Cyprus, is not a problem. However there are a few things you need to ensure before you hire the car.

    You must ask the hire company on your Cyprus holidays (whether North or South) if they give you permission to bring the car over the border. This is one of the biggest obstacles to take a car through the border, as the owner of the car (the car hire firm) must give you permission. Secondly, you must also obtain the relevant insurance to hire the car, which can be purchased at the border. There will be a nominal fee on top of your existing insurance. Something to consider, is that it will mean that the first time you travel through the borders, needs to be during the opening times of the insurance offices.

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  5. What Side of the Road Do you Drive on in North Cyprus

    Although North Cyprus has strong links with Turkey, it still maintains the historic links left by the British Empire. Driving is the same as Southern Cyprus, and the UK, as you drive on the left.

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  6. Is Northern Cyprus Cheaper than Southern Cyprus?

    Generally Northern Cyprus is cheaper than Southern Cyprus. The main reason for this is that Northern Cyprus uses Turkish Lira which is better value when compared to the Euro (which is used in Southern Cyprus). The Turkish Lira currency benefits tourists and people living in Northern Cyprus as it makes it cheaper than Southern Cyprus. Due to the currency benefits, it is not only cheaper while you are spending on restaurants, beach clubs, car hire etc. North Cyprus also often offers better value and cheaper priced quality hotels, when compared with hotels south of the South of the border.

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  7. Is there WiFi Internet in Northern Cyprus?

    Yes WiFi is readily available at most restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels and beach clubs in Northern Cyprus. WiFi is free to use, and available from local businesses. If you require a computer, you can also visit the many internet cafes on the island, which are open until the early hours of the morning.

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  8. Can you Drink Tap Water in Northern Cyprus?

    No, it is not recommended. You should not drink the tap water in Northern Cyprus. Some of the buildings that have tap water, store them in depot tanks and so these are not suitable for drinking. Where they are direct connections to the mains, the water is often salty. You can however drink the water at natural springs found in the mountains as this is natural spring water. It is recommended you drink bottled water instead of tap water in Northern Cyprus.

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  9. Is Northern Cyprus Safe?

    Northern Cyprus is one of the safest destinations in the Mediterranean. Crime is very low and the destination is also tourist friendly. It is safe to travel to Northern Cyprus. You can hire a car and travel around very safely, and the local people are very friendly and helpful.

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  10. What is Northern Cyprus Called?

    “Northern Cyprus” is known as “North Cyprus” in English, and also “TRNC”. This stands for “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”. In Turkish it is known as “Kuzey Kibris” or “KKTC” which stands for “Kuzey Kibris Turk Cumhuriyeti”.

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  11. Do I Need a Visa to Visit Northern Cyprus?

    If you are travelling from the UK with a British passport or an EU passport, you currently do not need a visa to travel to North Cyprus. You can travel to North Cyprus and stay as a tourist without any additional fees, or visas for up to 90 days. US citizens can also travel to North Cyprus without a visa for up to 90 days.

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  12. Can I Enter North Cyprus with Turkish Visa?

    A Turkish Visa is different to a North Cyprus visa. You must check for requirements to enter North Cyprus for your passport. Visas and entry requirements are generally quite relaxed, but you must not rely on a Turkish visa as the TRNC (North Cyprus) is a separate country to Turkey.

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  13. Is North Cyprus Recognised?

    North Cyprus is an independent republic. Due to political reasons it is only recognised by Turkey as an official country. Officially the “Cyprus problem” has not be resolved. However you can visit both sides of the island on one trip and cross the borders.

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  14. Are Euros Accepted in Northern Cyprus?

    The main currency in Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. However many shops, restaurants, and outlets readily accept British Pounds and Euros. You are advised to check the daily exchange rate to ensure the rates they offer is adequate, as many convert the amount owed using local newspaper exchange rates.

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  15. Is alcohol available in North Cyprus?

    Yes alcohol is popular in North Cyprus. The local drink is “Cyprus Brandy”, and the local speciality cocktail is “Brandy Sour”. You will find Turkish, and international drinks in abundance, including Raki, Beer, Whiskey, Vodka. There are many international brands as you would find in Europe. Generally alcohol is good value in North Cyprus.

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