What to pack?
You might find that this post is kind of stating the obvious, and I guess you could be right. Though if you’re anything like me (one of those last minute “it’ll be fiiiiine, I’ll pack in the morning before we go!” types) then this might actually be useful! 
North Cyprus is pretty much your standard beach resort in terms of which essentials to bring. Let’s start with the big one: Sun cream. I know, I know, I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but just a reminder that North Cyprus can get extremely warm, especially in the midst of the peak summer months. Besides, the Aloe Vera lathered lobster look is never a comfortable one!
Similarly to the above, a hat and sunglasses are good essentials for keeping the rays at bay and staying comfortable in the heat.
Whilst you may just be planning on staying beach/poolside for your holiday, North Cyprus has many exciting activities on offer if you change your mind and feel like doing something a little different. Mountain hikes in particular are popular, especially around the Kyrenia mountain range. For this reason a good pair of walking boots/shoes would be advisable. These will also come in handy if you’re planning to explore the many historical sites such as the Salamis ruins.  
Scuba diving and snorkelling are extremely popular, and even if you’re not planning on doing either of these things be prepared that when you’re faced with the crystalline waters of North Cyprus, their waves winking reflections of sun, you might be swayed to change your mind! Whilst there are rental services available for this equipment, you may still want to come prepared.  
A camera is definitely advisable. With such an abundance of beautiful scenery and fascinating historical sites, you’ll find plenty of picture-worthy moments (that you can also use to make friends and family back home jealous when you do the obligatory photo album share!)
Lastly, North Cyprus is a wonderful location for driving around, with so much vast landscape that is scattered with history and beautiful Mediterranean nature. Just make sure you remember to bring your driving licence if planning to rent a car.
I’ll leave it there I think. Perhaps mentioning a reminder about clothes and money is a little too obvious.