Turkish beach resorts on the country’s Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines combine old world charm with stunning turquoise waters and warm, sandy beaches.

Diving equipment suppliers have been quick to take advantage of the increased popularity of these resorts, and the nation now includes numerous outstanding dive sites that make the most of the crystal clear waters, outstanding marine life and hidden history sunken beneath Turkey’s softly lapping waves.


World class diving on the Turkish coast


Nestled on the southern coast of the Aegean Sea, Fethiye is a laid back holiday town famed for its friendly locals, natural beauty and heavenly climate.

Fethiye’s calm, idyllic waters make for wonderful beach holidays and are a perfect location for divers. The sea around Dalyan Bay is a great place to start, with its abundant underwater wildlife and lack of any strong currents – the ideal place for first timers.

More experienced divers frequently head to Aladdin’s Cave. Starting with a 23 metre wall dive, you’ll descend through Fethiye’s outstanding biodiversity before moving into ‘The Hamam’, a hidden cavern where yellow rock is lit up from above like gold.


Located on the Mediterranean, Kas is one of the most southern points of Turkey’s magnificent coastline.

Around two hours’ drive southeast of Fethiye, the town is far enough from the hustle and bustle to be relatively unspoilt, but not too remote to make travel inconvenient. Caves, reefs and wrecks are plentiful, as is the marine life, which includes Hawksbill turtles and Octopi.

Kas offers a great range of possibilities for discerning divers, but perhaps the most memorable would be the lighthouse dive, which takes in a wrecked Ottaman boat and amphorae littered seabed lying 22 metres beneath the waves.


Slightly further to the north lies the popular port town of Marmaris. The beach around Marmaris benefits from gorgeous seas framed against a backdrop of majestic mountains, and is lined with charming cafes and restaurants.

Kadirga Rock is a fantastic site to dive into the country’s ancient past. Dozens of Grecian and Roman boats foundered in these waters during the era of classical antiquity, and now the seafloor contains ancient ship anchors and numerous amphora that date back thousands of years.


Conditions are typically excellent throughout the season, which begins in April and ends in November. Water temperatures hover well above 20° C, so it’s a brilliant place for both new and practiced divers to explore.