Climate and Weather

Occupying the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is such a vast country of diverse landscapes that climactic conditions are varied, depending on the region. The most popular time to visit is from October to April, with sunshine and warm temperatures of around 25?C. Nights are a lot cooler, at 17?C. Coastal areas in particular are extremely humid, whereas the interior of Oman is hot and dry. These temperatures and conditions tend to last throughout the year, even winter often being warm. Between May and September, however, the southern region of Dhofar has a separate climate from the rest of Oman. This is due to the Khareef, a by-product of the monsoon season that emanates from the Indian Ocean. During this period temperatures can fall as low as 10-15?C. Any rain will fall around the winter months, though you don't tend to see much outside of Dhofar.