Twin Centre Holidays

Oman Twin Centre

So your really looking for that touch of something different? Then Oman twin centre holidays are ideal! Oman is a perfect destination for twin centre holidays with a multiple variety of options.


Enjoy twin centre holidays within Oman itself or expand your horizons with stopovers before or after your Oman holiday.


In addition to twin centre combinations within Oman such as Muscat and Khasab, or Oman beach holidays and Oman tour combinations, you can really create some diversity to your package holiday.


Oman Beach & City break & tour combinations

Oman & Sri Lanka

Oman & Maldives

Oman & UAE


Each of our twin centre holiday combinations gives a different emphasis for your holiday. From the wildlife and scenery of Sri Lanka, to the amazing dream-like waters of the Maldives, and the luxury of UAE. Whatever your options Direct Traveller has the ideal selection of holidays options for you to tailor-make your twin centre Oman experience whether you are looking for holiday deals or an amazing experience we can combine both for you