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Gulet Cruise Holidays


Gulet Cruising Holidays Cruising along Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts on traditional 'Gulets' are an unforgettable and truly amazing adventure that must be experienced when in this part of the world. Also known as Blue Cruise and boat tours, these tours of the Turkish coastline are picturesque.



Cruising to secluded and often deserted bays, coves and islands around the spectacular Turkish coastline, you are able to see hidden Turkey, beautiful and transient, largely unseen by the average tourist. Originally built by Turkish fishermen and sponge divers, the Gulets are luxuriously designed for holidaymakers, with large decks that are ideal for sunbathing and dining. Each is equipped with a large living area, a wide sun deck and spacious cabins as well as toilets and showers.


Following a set route, no place is visited twice during any cruise so that your last day on board will be just as fascinating as your first. Included in the price of a Gulet Cruise is full board dining which is served in an open buffet style as well as beverages and alcoholic drinks available from the yacht's bar. Included is also a freezer for keeping drinks cold, a CD and Cassette player, snorkels and masks, fishing lines and board games. As well as sightseeing and sunbathing, there will also be the opportunity to snorkel, swim and explore the natural and historic sites you discover along the way both above and below the water. Most of the Gulets have between four and ten double or triple en-suite cabins which can accommodate eight to twenty people.


All the Gulets are also government approved with fully qualified captains to make sure that all you have to worry about is ultimate relaxation. The Gulet Cruises are designed for people who wish to make their holiday a totally new experience alongside a group of new friends on a boat with that added touch of relaxation and potential for exploration off of the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean.



Bodrum Gulet Cruise holidays


Gulets are traditional boat tours that cruise around secluded and often deserted locations, ensuring that each day is completely unique so that from the first to last day, you are constantly experiencing something different. The Bodrum cruise begins in Bodrum harbour and finishes at the same location, with 8 days in between of a whole host of different locations. Full board is included in the price, served as a buffet, with drinks and alcoholic beverages being served at the yacht’s bar for a small price. As well as the locations along the cruise route, you will also be given the chance to enjoy the fantastic waters of the Aegean, with snorkeling, swimming and exploring actively encouraged. And after your swim why not sunbathe on the deck or relax on the cushioned seating of the aft deck. Must Gulets accommodate up to twenty people, with up to 10 double/triple cabins, each of which are ensuite.


We board the Gulet in Bodrum around 5pm and enjoy a pre-cruise drink and information session where you are able to meet the other passengers. After spending the night in Bodrum harbour, we sail to Kara Ada (Black Island) for lunch before cruising to the overnight stop at Orak Island. On day three we head for Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) where the day will be spend among beautiful panoramas before arriving in Kufre. Day four is spent in Longoz, before staying overnight in Ingiliz Liman and then the morning of day five finds us sailing to Sedri Adasi (Cleopatra Island). The afternoon is spent sailing to Karacasogut for the overnight stop. The sixth morning is spent cruising to Balisu for lunch, and then onwards to Tuzla for the night. On the final full day we sail to Cokertme and then Kizilliman after lunch, before heading back towards Bodrum for the final night. The next morning, after breakfast, we disembark.


Marmaris Gulet Cruise holidays


Picture yourself with a soft cool breeze on your face, the warmth from the sun touching your skin while the sound of the sea silently sloshes beneath you. Add to this some incredible scenery of Turkish islands and golden sanded secluded coves fit for paradise seekers and you’ll realise you’re dreaming of a Gulet Cruise.


Originally built for use by fishermen and sponge divers gulets exist today as luxurious boats designed to take tourists around various islands. With large living areas, wide sundecks, spacious cabins, toilets, showers, and furnished lounge areas these are an extremely comfortable way of getting to explore Turkey whilst at the same time relaxing as though staying in a hotel.


The cruise will have a set route so that they take you to the best and most unique locations. You’ll never travel to the same place twice, meaning that each new day is as exciting and interesting as the last. There will be tons of activities to indulge in, including swimming, snorkelling and exploring the natural historical sites you pass on the way. Between visits you’ll have the chance to read, bathe and dine on the uncluttered decks, relaxing to the max. Most gullets have four to ten double/triple cabins which can accommodate eight to twenty people. All cabins are homey, with an ensuite. There are freezers to keep drinks cold, a CD and cassette player, snorkels, masks, fishing lines and some board games.


Full board is included in the price, so look forward to an open buffet of delicious food, alongside beverages and alcoholic drinks available at the yachts bar. Safety is of course a priority, with a dinghy, a ship to shore radio, mobile telephone and life jackets all onboard.


If you chose to go on a Gulet cruise you are choosing a unique and beautiful method of touring Turkey, discovering its hidden treasures and exploring the culture. It is the perfect way to wind down and meet new friends to share this wonderful experience with.