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North Cyprus Holidays


North Cyprus Holidays - The Med As It Was Decades Ago.

North Cyprus may be small, but it’s still bursting with personality! It’s one of the closest experiences to stepping in a time machine you’ll have.

When enjoying Kyrenia holidays you will be overlooked by the wise old Kyrenia, North Cyprus mountains. There is very much a feeling that nature is the main presence in this beautiful part of the Mediterranean. 

Holidays to North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has seen so much history pass through its barely changed landscapes, still sleepy in the warm, laid back atmosphere. The quiet almond beaches of the Karpaz Peninsula breathe blankets of sand in gentle breezes while the turquoise sea whispers intangible thoughts.

The marks left behind in Northern Cyprus throughout the centuries such as the charismatic crusader castles that look down imposingly to the landscape. From their visionary positions they give you a sense of mystery and yearning to discover North Cyprus holidays' little secrets.

Bellapais | North Cyprus holidays 

Add to such a unique atmosphere in Northern Cyprus, with the dimension of comforting luxuries, such as delicious fresh cuisine, sociable restaurants, diverse activities, unique wild life and friendly locals all help to make North Cyprus holidays easy to find happiness in.

Experience the authentic feel to the destination, while mingling with the friendly locals. This is one of the most amazing parts of North Cyprus holidays, as you are not in a holiday town designed just for tourists. You enjoy the best of the destinations while visiting the same places the locals do, and enjoying the slower pace of the Mediterranean life with them.

Our Northern Cyprus Holidays include non-stop direct flights to Cyprus as standard


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    Northern Cyprus holidays include:

    • Non-stop direct flights to Cyprus
    • & Flights via Turkey to Ercan
    • Amazing beach holidays
    • Perfect for history & culture
    • Boutique, luxury, & family-run hotels
    • Authentic holidays with locals
    • Twin centre with S. Cyprus & Turkey


Northern Cyprus holidays


North Cyprus Holidays Guide

For perfect non-euro holidays, look no other than North Cyprus holidays. Situated fantastically within the southern borders of Europe, by western Asia and Northern Africa, it sits around 40 miles to Turkey.

Cyprus including Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus was once a colony of the British Empire, giving it a fusion of British, Cypriot and Turkish cultures.

As with many ex British Colonies English is one of the main languages amongst locals, as most people speak it, and you can also still drive on the left handside.

If you want to impress, then why not brush up on some basic Turkish as Turkish is the official language of Northern Cyprus.

North Cyprus beach holidays


North Cyprus Holidays -  Rich in History & Oozing with Culture

Northern Cyprus has an abundance of historic sites like no other. It is a place that guarantees culture, and experience. A combination of cosmopolitan towns and traditional villages add to the flavour of the island. Many restaurants are family run, and shops range from traditional crafts to modern outlets.


North Cyprus attractions while on Northern Cyprus holidays

The west of Northern Cyprus provides for traditional Cypriot life with its many citrus groves and olive groves near the Guzelyurt region.The east of Northern Cyprus leads through a popular destination for History buffs enjoying Famagusta holidays then onto to the Karpaz panhandle. Here you will find much history, and even more empty sandy beaches and amazing views of virgin coastline.

Dubbed as the Mediterranean that once was... A med from decades ago, North Cyprus holidays are the region’s best kept secret. Loved for its traditionally slow pace and friendly locals, it offers amazing beaches, gorgeous views, and plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

Northern Cyprus holidays

Direct Traveller is offering a unique holiday experience in the Mediterranean in Northern Cyprus. It is also one of the few remaining euro-free holiday destinations, and just a short flight away from the UK.

Things to do in North Cyprus on your North Cyprus holidays


There’s a whole plethora of colourful culture for visitors of Northern Cyprus to experience. That's in between losing your stresses to the alluring landscapes of sandy coves and crystalline waters that wink in the sun. This amazing holiday destination has so much to offer. North Cyprus holidays are ideal for beach lovers, culture vultures, and social divas. Relax and take in the ambience of North Cyprus holidays with hotel packages.

Search online to catch a range of the latest offers and discounts available for you to take advantage of on your holidays. Just imagine: Sun, sea, and saving money!


  • Save 1/3 travelling time with non-stop direct flights to Larnaca airport.
  • Depart from 18 UK local airports
  • Professional representative services
  • Complimentary transfers with all packages
  • North Cyprus and Istanbul or Turkey twin centre combinations


Direct Traveller Northern Cyprus holidays are with non-stop direct flights to Cyprus as standard. Look out for Direct Traveller latest early booking offers, late deals and other North Cyprus package deals. We are competitive, and can offer you holidays from your local airport with non-stop direct flights to Larnaca airport or Paphos airport in addition to Ercan flights.

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Holidays to North Cyprus

Essential Information

Essential Information

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    TRY : Turkish Lira

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North Cyprus Holidays - Passports and Visas

No visa is required for British or EU (European Union) citizens wishing to enjoy North Cyprus holidays. The only requirement is a valid passport at the time of travel.

If you prefer not to have your passport stamped on arrival, you can ask at passport control for a separate piece of paper, which will be stamped instead.

The only nationalities which currently require visas for Northern Cyprus holidays are Armenians and Nigerians, but please check with the Northern Cyprus tourism centre for any changes, or call us for advice about holidays to Northern Cyprus and their visas.

Please check with the tourist office or embassy to double check your visa requirements. Any information on our website is for guidance and may not be up to date with any changes from the relevant country.

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