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Side (see-deh) is a very popular tourist destination because of its unique blend of fashionable bars and restaurants alongside beautiful ancient ruins and buildings that are thousands of years old. The ruins make Side unique as there are few locations in the area that have so many sites with so much of the original structure maintained.

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The matching second century sites of the temples of Apollo and Athena are a must see, but look the best after the sun has gone down and are lit from below, providing a perfect opportunity for a memorable photo! Side also has well preserved ancient walls that include a Hellenistic gate, as well as a Roman bath and a 6th Century Byzantine Hospital.

As well as the historical gems that Side has, there are also multiple markets and bazaars that simply cannot be ignored, or left without a visit. There’s a bargain to be found for everyone, and keen hagglers will likely be able to obtain a fantastic price on almost anything. But shopping is just the tip of the iceberg, the restaurants are amazing, with such a wide range of experiences all the way from street food up to the finest of dining so that no member of your party could possibly ever go hungry!


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Dining and shopping aren’t the only thing that makes Side special; there are two stretches of gorgeous golden beach that span along either side of Side offer the best of Antalya, which means that the sparkling sea is visible for miles and the crystal clear water is a dream to swim in. And it’s not just the coast that’s striking for visitors; the small winding streets transport you to another world where you can walk and wonder endlessly just to enjoy the lush greenery of Side’s gardens and stumble upon buildings and monuments that could be from any of the numerous ancient civilizations to have inhabited Side.

And when you’re thoroughly calm and refreshed, how about something a little more upbeat? Parasailing and other water sports are available on the beaches, at people who want to party have as many bars and discos as they could want, especially around the coastal area. 

Side is a fantastic location no matter what the expectations for a holiday as it is fully capable of surpassing all hopes for a perfect Turkish trip.


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