North Cyprus Flights

Since 2003, when Cyprus was positioned to enter the European Union, the borders between North and South Cyprus opened. Direct Traveller recognised the opportunities presented by this historic development, and is proud to have been the very first tour operator to launch holidays in North Cyprus using direct flights to Larnaca in the South. With a short and hassle-free airport transfer to your chosen resort, this is a convenient and popular option for our clients.

Direct Traveller was not only the pioneer, but today remains the leading tour operator in providing North Cyprus holidays. Our innovative approach has undoubtedly made beautiful North Cyprus more accessible than ever before. Our experience and knowledge in the area of holidays with direct flights to Cyprus, has proved so successful, and this route has become so popular since we introduced it, that it has contributed to building our long-standing reputation as the leading tour operator to North Cyprus.


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Flights to Larnaca Airport

Direct & Non-Stop flights to Larnaca Airport


As the market leaders of holidays in North Cyprus with direct & non-stop flights to Larnaca, you would expect us to have the most extensive range of direct & non-stop flight routes – and that is what we have.

The flights featured in the page opposite are direct and non-stop. All flights have no touchdowns, and depart from the UK, arriving directly into Larnaca airport in Cyprus. Flight carriers to Larnaca airport include well known airlines such as British Airways, Aegean Air, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomsonfly, and EasyJet.

Flights to Larnaca airport in Cyprus are approximately 4 hours in duration, and so on average 1/3 less travelling time is taken when compared to flights via Turkey to Ercan airport in North Cyprus. Transfer times to Famagusta are just under an hour, and Kyrenia transfers are 90 minutes.