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Famagusta allows visitors to put life on pause. Full of legends, myths, tradition and history, all combined with delicate beaches and hospitable locals. Famagusta gives a glimpse of life that is unfussed, getting right to the heart of Cyprus’s heritage.

A beach lovers paradise, Famagusta has many to offer. The entire region is blessed with golden sandy beaches. Many untouched, they are some of the best in the Mediterranean. Glapsides public beach has fine white sands and calm crystal clear waters, making it a perfect place to relax, or enjoy water-sports.


Salamis Ruins in Famagusta

 If you are fascinated by history, Famagusta in North Cyprus is for you! With examples of sites from Venetians, Lusignans, Ottomans and even the British. Visit Othello’s tower as featured in Shakespeare’s Othello play, dozens of churches and monasteries, mosques, bronze age sights and the ancient walls of Famagusta itself. Don’t miss out on the Royal Tombs and St Catherine’s Prison.

For something grand, the ancient Salamis Ruins won’t disappoint. Considered the greatest ancient city in Cyprus. It dates back to 1100BC, with its basilicas, the forum, amphitheatre, the gymnasium and Roman baths.


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Further on from Famagusta city is Bogaz Village, a quiet fishing village with a handful of restaurants serving fresh seafood. Try exotic Mediterranean dishes including octopus! Full of local charm with the slow paced life the locals lead, you too can unwind. Above the village is Kantara castle, one of North Cyprus’s crusader castles.

Take a trip to the tip of North Cyprus, known as the Karpaz Peninsula; with its endless stretch of seductive white sand, famed for its unspoilt landscape, it provides a private paradise for visitors. A sanctuary for nature this is a prime spot for turtle watching. A pure example of untouched beauty in the Mediterranean. All you can expect is dramatic views, beautiful beaches, total tranquillity and a few wild donkeys to spare.

Famagusta, also known as Gazimagusa is not a bustling bright lights, bars and karaoke kind of tourist spot. It is quite the opposite in fact, with solitary roads and a pensive air that stills the nature. If sandy beaches, historical sights and a calm atmosphere are what you’re in search for then you’ll find the perfect holiday destination in Famagusta.


Famagusta Nature


Salamis is just a ten-fifteen minute drive away and is the pinnacle for experiencing a dose of Cypriot history. The Gymnasium, baths and theatre are the main treasures tucked away in this area, yet you’ll find that there is so much more to explore. The old walled city of Famagusta can transport you back in time with its impressive medieval architecture, while other points of interest include the churches, Othello’s tower, the Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque and Venetian buildings (which Leonardo Da Vinci is said to have helped inspire the designs for!) There is also the eerie sight of the Greek ghost town of Varosha, a skyline of aged buildings that are both a fascinating and sad sight to behold.

Although mostly quiet, Famagusta is not completely void of any activity. There are of course a few kebab houses, craft shops and cafes, though if looking for more variety the route towards Salamis and Bogaz has some bistro style eateries, Bogaz in particular specialising in some tasty fish restaurants. If willing to venture out further then you could always catch a dolmus to Girne, which is about an hour and ten minutes drive away and has a greater range of establishments.

Accommodation is not in abundance but has acquired a prime beach front spot along the inviting bay, where you’ll have easy access to enjoy the long stretches of sand and crystal clear waters. If you get restless then there are water sports available here too!

Famagusta is not the sort of destination that will keep you on your toes with excitement, but travellers looking into visiting here will find a complete escape from the usual commercial tourist environment of many beach resorts.

Beneath the sun warmed skies the spirit of the past is very much alive amongst the luxurious scenery, and Famagusta will greet visitors with an atmosphere that will both inspire and relax.


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