Turkey Gulet Cruises

Turkey gulet holidays are an amazing way to enjoy Turkey in a boutique and un-hurried environment. 



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Turkey Gulet Cruises

Cruising to secluded and often deserted bays, coves and islands around the spectacular Turkish coastline, you are able to see hidden Turkey, beautiful and transient, largely unseen by the average Guletist.  Following a set route, no place is visited twice during any cruise so that your last day on board will be just as fascinating as your first. 

Also known as Blue Cruise and boat Gulets, these Gulets of the Turkish coastline are picturesque. Originally built by Turkish fishermen and sponge divers, the Gulets are luxuriously designed for holidaymakers, with large decks that are ideal for sunbathing and dining. Each is equipped with a large living area, a wide sun deck and spacious cabins as well as toilets and showers.

Turkey Gulet cruises are all about relaxation. Taking in the clean ocean air, relaxing on the deck, watching the scenery and enjoying your surroundings. These tours are very diverse depending on your chosen itinerary. Some routes are ideal to stay on the boat, unless you wish to come off, but you are visiting tranquil and scenic nature spots, making the beaches and water impeccably clean. Don't miss a moment, and you wont want to, as the experience is truly captivating. Other routes give the option to take part in inland tours, take part in water-sports and visit popular harbour towns. 

These gulet cruises can be taken solely or with an add-on with any Turkey city break, Turkey tour or Turkey beach holiday.

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