AtlasJet is starting to fly from Luton to Istanbul & Ercan airports in May… Direct Traveller Sales & Operations managers (Rasme Ozdemir, and Guner Surucu) went and spent the day at he launch event…

Getting There

Our day out to Luton started with a positive, as surprisingly the journey from Kingston upon Thames only took just over an hour. This would definitely make me consider travelling from Luton Airport in the future.
AtlasJet Welcome Desk


On arrival to the airport grounds everything seemed pretty straight forward; park your car and then it’s a short stroll to the terminal building. Once there we were greeted by the lovely staff from AtlasJet Airlines & Luton Airport officials before getting another surprise: a refreshing glass of bubbly!
At the AtlasJet Desk


Of course, our experience wouldn’t have been quite complete without a sneak peak at the luxurious business lounge. We were even treated to a delicious biscuit and cuppa tea while there, which made us feel welcomed and comfortable, able to really unwind before our flight departure… Oops. I’m getting a bit carried away there. This was a fam trip. No flight to catch, sadly!
At the AtlasJet Desk in Luton

Atlasjet Aircraft

After indulging in the business lounge we made our way to the gate and finally were taken on board the Boeing 777 aircraft. We were met by the friendly, well dressed cabin crew whom showed us to our seats. Once on board the services were impressive too, with good seat pitch, on-board complimentary snacks & a refreshment service (which is very rare nowadays!)
Our Tour of Luton Airport
If there’s one way to end a day on a high it’s through cupcakes, and this is exactly the way ours finished at Luton Airport, with a personalised Atlasjet one at that. Yum!
Tour of Luton Airport
Overall the experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend those that live within London to use Luton Airport due to the un-congested atmosphere and comfortable passenger experience.
Walking to the Gate
Atlasjet Flights start on 2nd May and depart 4 times weekly up to the 31st
May, and then 7 times thereafter. Flight routes include Luton to North Cyprus, Antalya and Izmir via Istanbul.
VIP priority Gate
AtlasJet aircraft at Luton
AtlasJet Aircraft waiting


Boarding the AtlasJet plane


Cheeky snap by the plane


Another Cheeky snap by the plane



AtlasJet aircraft



still smiling…


Inside AtlasJet aircraft


AtlasJet Seating


The AtlasJet Stewardess, smiling, ready for service
The aircraft engines
The atlasjet logo
AtlasJet Wing
Complimentary AtlasJet branded cupcakes.. yummy


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