There are thousands of apps to help you on your travels, but which ones do you choose? We’ve shortlisted a selection of the most useful and user-friendly ones out there, so you can go ahead and focus on planning your ultimate trip.

XE Currency Converter

Sticking to your budget is hard enough as it is, but having to constantly try and convert your spending back to your budget currency is just about impossible. That’s why we love the XE Currency Converter app. It gives you access to live exchange rates and the user-friendly interface lets you calculate rates in seconds. What, that costs INR150? Oh, that’s only $2.29 – I’ll have two please.


With Phrasebook, there’s no more wasting precious luggage space with books or scrambling through pages to try and find out how to ask where the bathrooms are. The interactive app helps you with pronunciation and allows you to save your favourite phrases. While there are a host of apps that allow you to do this, Phrasebook one-ups them at every turn – you can ask the app to speak on your behalf, and you can even use it without an internet connection.


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While Instagram is already a firm favourite for those who want to share snaps of their travels, it now also helps you plan your travels with its upgraded search function. Search by location – region, town, landmark, or even restaurant, and get a sneak peek from other travellers. Follow Direct Traveller on instagram now.

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You have the world in your pocket with – literally. The app stores maps of every country in the world, with details down to tiny islands, points of interest and dirt roads in the countryside. What makes better than other apps? You don’t need GPS or an internet connection to use it. Everything is stored offline; you’ll never be lost again!
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Uber saves the day again, and if you already use it at home, that’s one less app you need to download. It allows you to book trips in advance and track your driver’s movement, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not there will be cabs available. You’ll get an estimate of your fare when you book the trip and you can even pay for it on your phone. There’s never been a safer, easier or more reliable way to travel around a new city.

Direct Traveller North Cyprus App

Direct Traveller Iphone app
Direct Traveller Iphone app

If you’re travelling to Northern Cyprus, this is one app you absolutely can’t do without. Its interactive maps feature hotels, attractions, beaches, transport, emergency services and more, all with photographs and videos to help you choose. We love its ‘Where am I?’ function, which helps you find locations in your vicinity. App users even get special offers on trips and activities! Download Direct Traveller’s Iphone app today


Keeping in touch when you travel can be difficult, but not when you have Skype. If you’ve got Wi-Fi, you can make voice or video calls at no cost. No Wi-Fi? No problem – buy a bit of credit before you go and make cheap international calls, even to mobiles. Say goodbye to roaming fees and expensive international call cards forever.

Rough Guides’ Destination Guide

Make the most of your stay in a new location with Rough Guides’ Destination Guide apps. Find the most recommended restaurants, hotels and attractions – then bookmark them to create your perfect itinerary. The app automatically connects to your mobile’s map service, so you don’t need to worry about finding your way there. This app is also great for those of us who are a little indecisive. A ‘lucky dip’ feature gives you the most popular things to do, based on your interests and location.

Are there any apps you recommend to other’s? What are your favourite travel apps? Comment below and share with others.