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North Cyprus iPhone App 

The UK’s first Guide App on North Cyprus is available to download for FREE on the Apple iPhone. 

It's like having your very own personal holiday guide for North Cyprus at your fingers.

Enjoy your holiday while taking advantage of the destinaiton to its full capacity. Take advantage of the functionality it offers with its maps, photos, guides, location related local guides and more. 


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North Cyprus iPhone Guide


The North Cyprus iphone application is perfect for all holidaymakers travelling to Northern Cyprus and has features that help you before you travel and while you are there.

Another first from Direct Traveller, this application means that North Cyprus is available for promoting on iPhone, iPad, and iPods all around the world. The useful tool puts North Cyprus in the hands of all holidaymakers looking to travel. The app will enforce the image of North Cyprus with its comprehensive information and help promote the beautiful country to British and international holidaymakers.

Direct Traveller managing director says: “We are proud to be the first UK based company to represent North Cyprus on the iPhone apple platform. This is an exciting time for us with many new developments and initiatives we are currently working on to further develop interest in North Cyprus.”

The iPhone application is expected to receive a high level of interest, and will further compliment the national television advertising campaign ‘Direct Traveller’ is promoting North Cyprus with this summer.

Highlights of the application include:


North Cyprus guide


Before Travelling:

Understand the destination to its full and plan your stay there with the comprehensive guides

Enjoy maps, videos, photos and descriptions of the many landmarks of the region.  

See the latest deals to North Cyprus and grab a bargain before you go. Save a deal for later or share to your friends and family. Enquire instantly for a fast and personal response on your holiday requirements and get insider tips to Northern Cyprus. 

While Abroad:

Navigate to your chosen landmarks using the near me functionality and interactive maps. Don't ever miss an attraction with our app.  

Take advantage of useful information on maps such as Police, hospitals, hotels and more. 

Never get lost, by hitting the "where am I" tool, and locate yourself on the Map of Northern Cyprus. 


Free iphone app for North Cyprus



  • Interactive guides on all regions of Northern Cyprus with images, videos and maps.
  • See hotels, beaches, police stations and hospitals, and landmark attractions on interactive maps 
  • Navigate with the “Where Am I?” functionality
  • Videos of hotels and attractions
  • hotel and landmark photo galleries
  • Friend share functionality
  • Enquire now functions
  • Exclusive UK to North Cyprus deals 
  • My holidays tool allows for saving personal deals

- If you would like to download your free copy of the app: Click below

Download Free Now

- Or simply search “Direct Traveller” in the app store.

Especially designed for British holiday-makers by Direct Traveller - the UK’s leading tour operator to Northern Cyprus.


Download the latest & most comprehensive iPhone app for North Cyprus holidays. North Cyprus iPhone App is your personal guide in your hand.

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