Turkey is a perfect holiday destination offering many resorts such as Bodrum, Dalaman, Kalkan, Istanbul, Fethiye etc.

Visiting Turkey

These days, it is not difficult to get a cheap holiday package to Turkey. It is a destination that caters for everyone, whether you are looking for a luxury 5 star or a small self cateting resort then there will be a holiday package in Turkey that is well within your budget.
Each and every city here in Turkey is unique and wonderful. You, as a tourist, can have the chance to relax and enjoy your holiday. You can go to the best of the best beaches, best of the best historical places, best of the best museums or the best of the best hotels, restaurants etc.

Famous Shop Markets in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul
Shopping in Istanbul
When you are in Turkey during your Turkey holidays then do not forget to spend your time in one of the best markets here which can let you know a bit about this Turkish land. Here are so many markets which you should visit.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which is very famous here is one of the most beautiful markets here. This bazaar is really one of the biggest bazaars here which was founded by Sultan Mehmet in the year 1701. This bazaar covers some 65 streets. Visitors who come here can find thousands and thousands of shops here. At very corner you can find stalls which seem to attract a lot. Visitors who are looking for wonderful shopping experience during their holidays here should take some time out and spend their time here in the market. You are sure to find anything you desire of.

You can simply be sure of finding anything you would like to take home from this bustling market (And do not forget to capture the images of the seven fountains which are in the bazaar itself).

Another market which can really fascinate you can be the market which is a bit nearer to Blue Mosque. When you are in Istanbul and when you visit blue mosque then please, do not forget to visit this market area as well which is known to be Handicraft Center. Visitors can find in this indoor market a lot many things. If you are looking for any type of handmade ceramics or if you are looking for any handicrafts then it is necessary that you come to this indoor market and get what you are looking for or what you plan to take back to your home land for yourself or your family, friends etc. You can find so many things which you can present to your family members, friends, colleagues too. You can find here anything from a hand painted baby doll to any beautiful but typically Turkish Anatolian dolls. You can really pick up something unique here.

Food Markets

Turkish ice cream – dondurma. Dondurma is a chewy, sticky ice cream made from the root of a wild orchid.

There can be plenty of food markets too in any of the city you visit in Turkey for your wonderful Turkey holidays. If you are a foodie then you can find so many hotels or restaurants here which serve typically Turkish food plus any type of food you would like to take. Do not forget to visit Egyptian Spice Bazaar which is in fact one of the oldest markets here in this country, Turkey.

Carsi Market in Marmaris

Those who are looking for jewelry can prefer to come to Carsi Market in Marmaris. This is really one of the biggest markets here where you can find around 200 stalls. You can find jewelry of your type plus a chance to find the best clothes for you. This is really one of the famous markets. Sundays are always very busy. If you are serious about buying something from here then it is really good that you come in between Monday to Saturday. You can perhaps have the chance to haggle over the prices with the locals here but if you come here on Sunday then maybe you will not get a chance to haggle over prices.

Turkish delight
Turkish delight dessert (rahat lokum) different colors