With the wake of the economic downturns in Europe and indeed around the world, along with UK austerity measures trying to reduce the deficit, many UK holidaymakers are looking to fulfil their desire for luxury but by paying less.

Affordable Luxury Luxury 5* Malpas Hotel & Spa If luxury is your priority, but you find that you must cut down your budget this year for your holiday, then Luxury North Cyprus holidays are the ideal option for you. With the benefit for an amazing exchange rate from Turkish lira to UK pounds sterling, many luxury holidays in North Cyprus are at amazing prices. There are many luxury options for holidaymakers to take advantage of including the 5* Colony hotel in kyrenia, 5* Ottoman Palace hotel in kyrenia, The Rocks Hotel in Kyrenia harbour, the new and impressive 5* Cratos hotel are just a few that can be identified as potential locations for North Cyprus luxury holidays. Further to this, Direct Traveller has two more hotels for you to consider for 5* luxury breaks which include the 5* Malpas Hotel and Spa on the foothills of Kyrenia five finger mountains with its amazing views of the coastline, and the brand new 5* Arkin Palm Beach Hotel in Famagusta with its unchallenged evening sunset on the iconic beach location. Both of these hotels are 5* that’s true, both of them are top luxury locations, yet they both offer something slightly different to the other. A beach hotel or a scenic retreat. Direct Traveller has negotiated excellent value for holidays to these hotels with Free Half Board upgrade throughout summer for both of these luxury North Cyprus hotels.