Famagusta has tons to offer. Famagusta is a fabulous city on the east coast of Cyprus; a great place to go if you love history, food and beautiful beaches  – this is definitely one to add to the wish list.

Once the medieval gateway to the western world, Famagusta now offers historical delights amidst modern luxury. This small city also boasts the possession of the deepest harbour across all of Cyprus and with all this to see there are plenty of reasons for a visit.

We’ve chosen just five to focus on in this article but we hope you’ll discover many more!

  1. Salamis

Salamis Ruins
Salamis Ruins in North Cyprus
Roman Artifacts
Roman Artifacts

First up we’re helping you purge your soul with a trip to Salamis in North Cyprus. These are the ancient ruins of the city of Salamis – which is where St Paul arrived in Cyprus to undertake his mission from God.

Salamis is a place which stirs the imagination, whether you believe it has spiritual attributes or not, and the ruins – stark against the sunlight – are wonderful to see. Salamis is the perfect place to stroll around and the large site makes for a pleasant afternoon speculating on past times. We can’t promise you’ll be affected by Salamis but may people leave its hallowed ground with new feelings of great peace and happiness.

Roman Theatre
Roman Theatre
Roman Artifacts
Roman Artifacts
  • Ghost Town

This is perhaps the most unusual recommendation on this list – and maybe even the most interesting. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers so we’ll just tell you that you’ll learn all about the historical significance of Famagusta’s Ghost Town during your excursion.

What we can tell you is this is something well worth seeing and an experience you’ll remember long after you leave the ghost town in your wake.

  • Sea Gate

We already mentioned that Famagusta was once an important piece upon the chessboard of Europe – acting as the medieval gateway to the European world. The Sea Gate still stands today in honour of its stately past and is a site not to be missed when journeying to Famagusta.


With its beautifully imposing structure and ornamental lion carvings, it’s easy to see how The Sea Gate held the security of an entire continent in its stonework. It’s also a great stop off for a photo opportunity astride the ancient guardian lions – don’t worry, they don’t bite (much!).

Famagusta Walls

Famagusta Walls

  • Othello Castle

Straight from the pages of Shakespeare this medieval castle is one to see for literary enthusiasts and romantics alike – and if you’re both a lover of literature and a hopeless romantic, mores the better! Lesser known than Juliet’s Venetian balcony, Othello’s castle in Famagusta is the supposed setting for Shakespeare’s tragic play; Othello, which focuses on the misadventures of a Moorish merchant.

Shakespeare's 'Othello Tower
Shakespeare’s ‘Othello Tower

Othello castle has recently undergone renovation work and now sits proudly in Famagusta city, returned once again to its former glory.

  • Glapsides Beach

Not to leave the sun worshippers out of our activities – Glapsides Beach offers one of the best places in the world to enjoy the summer sun. The water here is crystal clear, the sand almost silver – hence the name – and the beach is renowned for its cleanliness.

Glapsides Beach in North Cyprus
Glapsides Beach in North Cyprus

They also offer water sporting so if aquatic activities are what you’re after – how about a spot of kite surfing? Lunch is fantastic at the beach café and the whole place remains pretty uncrowded year round, so try not to tell too many people about this one!

If you’re planning a trip to foreign lands you could do far worse than Famagusta – its bustling streets and medieval visage beckon with the promise of good food, good times, and lots of adventure. Have you been to Famagusta? What are your favourite bits and recommendations?