North Cyprus makes for the perfect Mediterranean get away with temperatures hardly ever going below 20C and so much to see and do you will never tire of the place. To make it an even better holiday Car Rental in North Cyprus is recommended, with its number of tourist attractions, which are natural and man-made, scattered all over the island.

Cyprus car rental

Car Rental gives you the freedom to explore each attraction at your own speed without feeling rushed in order to take the last bus home. Public transport in North Cyprus can be very irregular and comes in form of mini buses. Timetables for the buses are very unreliable and can make it difficult to plan your day in advance. With so much to see and do, you do not want to be spending majority of your time waiting for the bus. Also not all the attractions are accessible by public transport such the Karpas Peninsula or “pan handle” as it is usually known as. Here you will find some of the most stunning beaches and is definitely a must see place during your holiday. Car Rental allows you to take a picnic high into Kyrenia Mountains and watch the eagle soar around St Hilarion Castle, or explore the remains of ancient monasteries deep in the heart of the forest.


Kyrenia car hire

Direct Traveller can help make all the arrangements for your holiday including your Car hire in Cyprus. Direct Traveller is an independent tour operator so is able to select only those car hire companies that can guarantee the safety and reliability of their cars and of course competitive prices.

Drivers are required to have a valid driving licence and be 25 years and over for renting a car. For UK driving licence make sure to take both parts of the driving licence, paper details and the plastic card. Car Rentals with Direct Traveller do not include Collision Damage Waver, (CDW) and is payable locally.

Vehicles cannot be taken into South Cyprus. If you are flying into South Cyprus then Direct Traveller can provide you with transfers to and from your hotel. Direct Traveller can arrange to have your car to be dropped off and picked up from your hotel for your convenience. Contact Direct Traveller to book your car hire and your holidays to North Cyprus.