Turkey or in the Turkish language ‘Türkiye’ is one of those destinations which tourists love to explore. Many of the tourists from various parts of the world come here to enjoy their holidays. The reason why it has become one of the best destinations for holidays can be attributed to its own geographical location and its splendorous beauty which is inexplicable. There are many cities which are significantly marked as the tourist cities but out of all those cities there are a few cities which every tourist feels attracted to visit. They are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum, Fethiye etc.
Istanbul Attractions
Many people do not consider Istanbul as a beach holiday destination. Its more about the hustle and bustle of the city and its cultural emphasis. However there is a growing trend of holiday makers visiting Istanbul for its beaches. Popular with locals, these elite beach clubs are becoming more popular with foreign tourists also.
Three best beaches in Istanbul for beach lovers When you are here for your beach holidays in Istanbul then you can have the chance to spend your time in an entirely a different way. Istanbul is one of those places in Turkey which is replete in a number of beaches. You can have the choice to spend your time at one of the beaches which number up to twenty. You may certainly be not able to zero in on any one of the best beaches because each and every beach here is known for something or the other. You will certainly have a hard time picking one of the best among the best during your vacation here. Here in this article we have listed down a few of the best beaches which you shall visit if you are in Istanbul. If you do not visit at least these beaches then your holidays in Istanbul can’t be labeled as “complete” because these are the beaches which are worth visiting as these can let you get the real feel of the city, Istanbul. Visit any of these beaches to enjoy any of the beach activities you would love to. Beaches here are clean and hygienic and are categorized as family beaches, beaches for couples, and for children etc. Here entry to the most of the beaches is free but for some private beaches you will have to pay from 15-40 TL to get access to.
True Blue Beach
The first beach which tops our list of the beaches in Istanbul is True Blue Beach. Why? Well, because this beach has got such a good location which can allow you to get the most beautiful view of the sea (This beach truly looks like one of those beautiful Northern Cyprus beaches or Turkish Cyprus beaches).
True Blue Beach Istanbul
Sitting here on the beach, you can enjoy nature’s beauty, the view of boats sailing from Marina or Kalamis etc. You can have the chance to capture the beauty of the sunset and sunrise as these are going to be rare moments which can fill excitement in you. You can have the chance to play your favorite game on this sandy beach too. Swimming pool is for small children within its premises. If you are hungry after swimming then you can have the chance to lie down in your favorite corner (Please, do not forget to bring your beach umbrella, as you may not be able to find vendors here who are often seen on some other beaches selling out the same). You can gobble down your favorite sea-food at one of the restaurants as well. There is a bar too in the middle of the garden where you can get your favorite cocktail or your drink. Summer is really the best time to visit as here in summer season, there can be live concerts or events.
Dalia Beach
The second best of the best beaches in Istanbul which you shall visit during your Turkey beach holidays is Dalia beach. Yes, this beach is for one and all. It is located on the Demircikoy Cove. This beach is truly for those tourists who would love to spend their time in a tranquil or a much calmer place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This is the beach which can let you get the real feel of peaceful life (much more like what the army of the Ulysses felt during their way back home from the Trojan War). This is big enough to provide space for the tourists who would love to spend their time in privacy. You can lie down under the shade anywhere and just simply listen to the sound of the water waves playing at the bank or away from the bank.
Dalia Beach Istanbul
Even though it seems to be a quiet beach yet you can have the chance to play your favorite game if you would like to. Other tourists like you or the commoners can even join you. Here are areas which are specifically designated as the area for the boat lovers, paddlers, or the area for the trekkers etc. You can find a small restaurant or a beach stall within the walking distance. Just refresh yourself with a drink after swimming or take your favorite cocktail, sitting and enjoying your day here on this beach where beauty is calmer and much more inviting.
Golden Beach

This is the last in our list here. Visit this beach if you are looking for something extra on your Turkey tour. This beach which is located near to Rumelishisari is one of those beaches where you may find a large number of tourists like you. It looks much more beautiful because of its own ideal location (The Sea of Marmara meets The Black Sea). You can indulge in activities such as beach cricket, beach volleyball, rock climbing etc. You can find stalls near to you as well where you can refresh yourself a bit.

Golden Beach Istanbul
You can surely spend your time in an entirely a different way if you opt for Turkey holidays in Istanbul. Just simply bag one of the best deals which can let you take Turkey tour with all convenience.

Istanbul is a popular destination for culture, nightlife, sightseeing, and great food. Its also a destination for beach holidays, and twin centre holidays with other beach holiday destinations.