Northern Cyprus is an island which is renowned for its
beaches. This med island is an island which is visited by a large number of
tourists from various parts of the world who would love to spend their summer
holidays here on the beaches. The best of the beaches on this island are
present in Kyrenia and Famagusta.
Kyrenia for
To really appreciate why Kyren is called an “island for
beach holidays.” Its a must that they visit one of the beaches to the east and
west of Kyrenia.
below is a list of the top five beaches which are in Kyrenia
and which you shall visit to get the best out of your beach holidays in


North Cyprus beaches
One – Alagadi Beach

Well, this beach can be the first beach here in Kyrenia
which you shall visit. It is even popularly known as turtle beach (the reason
is very simple. You can find turtles in a large number here, they lay eggs
especially in the month of summer. Turtle watching is even regarded as one for
the famous beach activities here. Those who are fond of photography can be seen
here, taking pictures of the turtles). You can find this beach at a distance of
some 10 miles, east of Kyrenia.  This
beach is perfect for the tourists who are coming here for their family holidays
or couple holidays. This sandy beach with diamond-white waters, sparking in the
sun will give you altogether a different kind of pleasure in swimming here. It
is full of sweeping dunes and the water is shallow. There is a bar too where
you can go after getting tired of swimming or to refresh yourself a bit.  
Two – Escape Beach
you are wondering where you can have the chance to play beach volley ball or
beach cricket during your Northern Cyprus package
holidays then just stop wondering. It is this beach where you can have the
chance to indulge in any of your favorite games.
is true that tourists can enjoy playing their favorite water game on any of the
beaches here in Kyrenia but playing or spending time here on escape beach can
give anyone a very different kind of an experience. This place is always seemed
to be bustling with a large number of activities. You will find tourists like
you more in number. Common Cypriots too can be seen enjoying their weekends
here. This beach which is located some 5 kilometers from Kyrenia is simply one of
the best beaches with finer, golden sand and crystal clear waters. Apart from
beach volley ball or cricket, you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, boating
or even surfing throughout your Kyrenia holidays here. You can have great time at
the beach club too.     
Acapulco Beach

Three – Acapulco Beach

this can be the third famous beach here on this island. It is a beach where you
can have fun and that is guaranteed. When you are coming here then it is not necessary
that you bring your own sun loungers or your beach umbrellas. This beach
provides all of the best facilities which you can expect.  There is a bar nearer to this too where you
can go to gobble down or drink down your favorite glass of beer. This shall
also be mentioned that there is an undertow here (if you are here with your
family and your children would like to swim then they should be watched over).
the fun of swimming in the most crystal clear waters of Acapulco beach here in Kyrenia which is nearer to Catalkoy. If you
are just looking for something more then you can go for windsurfing here on
this beach.   
a note of this too that you may have to pay a little amount to get access to
the beaches described above. Entry may not be free. Take a note of this too
that if you are really keen on spending time on one of the best beaches then we
suggest that you look for a hotel which own a beach. There are many hotels here
in Kyrenia which have got their own
private beaches. If you select to stay at one of those hotels then you can get
access to the beach anytime. You can spend time in all privacy with no
disturbance at all.

Other beaches which you can visit include:
Horsehoe Bay
– a pebble beach for all those who love water sports like snorkeling, sailing
Altinkaya Beach
– best for those who are here on family holidays.
Mare Monte –
it is a golden, sandy beach where you can time in privacy.
Denizkizi Beach
– best for those who are on family and couple holidays.
Karakum Beach
– this beach is for those who are looking forward to spend time somewhere in a
quiet place, away from the noisy area, it can just be like Mare Monte.
Lara beach
– It is for you if you are looking for total relaxation.

just simply pick one of the best North Cyprus
and come here for real fun-holidays.