Hi, my name is Cansu, I am 18 years old! and I thought you may want to know what North Cyprus is all about from a younger person’s perspective. Many people assume, North Cyprus is just for relaxing but here is my remarkable holiday experiences I would like to share… far beyond just a relaxing holiday!

What do you like most about Cyprus?

I visit Cyprus almost every summer because that’s how much I love it. The weather is absolutely beautiful. I like going in August as it’s the hottest month and I have that guarantee of sunshine. What particularly attracts me about Cyprus is how safe it is. I love that you can go out at night without having to worry about petty crime or even travelling with a group of friends. There have been several occasions where I have forgotten money in a restaurant or in my hotel room and when I had returned it was still in the same place I had left it. The second best thing is the hotels. They have lots of activates and midnight entertainment so there isn’t a chance you can ever get bored even if you stay in your hotel.

Being 18 what is there to do in North Cyprus?Even though compared to other destinations there may not be that much on offer.. what night-life there is on offer is spectacular. When I visit North Cyprus I always tend to stick to the same bars and clubs as they’re located in beautiful areas. For example I love escape beach which also turns into a club at night. They also have personalised VIP areas for anyone that wants to hang out in there own little group or even for special celebrations. There is also a go-carting pitch which I like to visit and its very good prices. There is a massive bowling alley which also serves food such as burgers, chips, mini pizzas.

Which foods should people try when visiting?Makarna bulli is a traditional local retreat with home-made Cypriot cuisine. You must definitely try the ‘patates kofte’ yum! There is astonishing Turkish style waffles! They scatter the fresh fruits across the waffle and drizzle a lovely Turkish home-made chocolate sauce. There are some wonderful desert places such as Cacao, Waffle House and Simit Dunyasi. But there’s so much to choose from you will never run out of options. If you enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine you will defiantly enjoy Turkish Cypriot food. You’ve also got the home-made soups, such as the red lentil soup which is a must try. They also serve the best salads. I would also recommend trying the amazing fresh fish restaurants in Kyrenia, near the harbour. You should stick to the harbour if you like fresh fish and chilled white wine and on the opposite side there are some Shisha bars which play a range of music.

What are your favourite activities to do in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is mostly about relaxation but that’s not to say it doesn’t have it wild side for us youngsters. There is so much natural beauty to explore. You can also do lots of tours and local excursions. Turtle watching is one of the most fascinating activities in North Cyprus. There are some protected areas where you can admire this beautiful feature of the nature on your holiday.

You can also enjoy one of the longest diving seasons in North Cyprus which is a stunning experience. You’ve also got go carting which has one of best racing surfaces in the region. I also visited a local village high up in the mountains towards the west of Kyrenia. I had the most incredible opportunity to feed some baby lambs, do horse riding and enjoyed a delicious early lunch whilst admiring the spectacular view. A definite must see. There are lots of hidden little tucked away cultural places like this.

What are the best beaches to visit?

You’ve got many striking beaches such as the Karpaz Golden Beach, Escape Beach Club. However Golden Beach is known as the island’s most beautiful beach. Ideal for anyone who would like to get away from the crowd and if your seeking some privacy. You may need a car hire to go to Karpaz but it’s definitely worth it!

Which historical sites have you been to and which is your favourite?

You have to visit Kyrenia Castle. Leaving Kyrenia without visiting this magnificent castle would be close to wickedness. Another place I would recommend is the Bellapais Monastery. You can get a spectacular view of Kyrenia coast from the Bellapais Abbey. The ancient city of Salamis is one of the most impressive archaeological sites on the island, despite the fact that they have only been partially excavated. The site is located 5 miles away from Famagusta. When I visited this extravagant site I really sensed the scale of an ancient Roman city. Unlike many similar sites elsewhere in the North Cyprus, here you can escape from the crowds and feel that you are discovering history for yourself.

If you had to sum up North Cyprus in one word, what would it be?

I did not know what to expect when I visited North Cyprus, but I can safely say all my fears have disappeared. The friendly and comfy atmosphere doesn’t come close to any other place. The way the staff welcome you into their hotel, just seems like they are really over the moon that you have chosen to spend your vacation in North Cyprus. I convinced my friends and family to go there nearly every summer. For me it’s my number one destination. Cyprus is beautiful, hot and quiet! The beaches are practically empty and the sea is so clear, clean and warm. If you want a little bit of freedom with gorgeous sights around you, I can safely say you will love Cyprus!

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