Kyrenia is a main town in North Cyprus,renowned for tge picturesque harbour, with its dramatic backdrop of the  ‘Fivefinger’ Mountains. With a extenstive history, beautiful natural beaches, unique remains of  civilisations, calm ocean, and lovely weather Kyrenia is the ideal Mediterranean town. In this blog post we will be telling you why we love Kyrenia in North Cyprus. 

Kyrenia Harbour

The town’s charming tiny harbour is has yachts and fishing boats surrounding the area. The harbour has many small restaurants and cafe’s to enjoy.  There is also the famous Kyrenia Castle just at the tip of the harbour. Its massive defences surround a complex mixture of building styles from centuries before and it is likely that there was a Roman fort here originally. Later enlarged and strengthened by the Lusignans and then the Venetians, the castle is home to many historical artefacts.Kyrenia is a place where it seems as if the world has slowed right down and is moving at a slower pace. You can while away the day… exploring shops, markets and local cafés in late morning, strolling in the narrow cobbled alleys behind the harbour in the afternoon, or stepping out for a stroll along the promenade at dusk.

St Hilarion

Kyrenia is rich in history, just take a quick peak up towards the hill tops behind the harbour town you will spot the St. Hilarion Castle clinging to the rock high above. This 8th century castle built by the Byzantines perches precariously on the rocks 660m above the sea and though the climb is steep and uneven your efforts will be rewarded by the breath-taking views of the island’s northern coastline from the top.

The beauty of Bellapais

The beauty of the Bellapais village is legendary. The British author Lawrence Durrell painted an enticing picture of the leisurely pace of life in a Cypriot village in his book ‘Bitter Lemons of Cyprus’, describing his time in the quaint village of Bellapais. Set in the mountains, just ten minutes above Kyrenia, a visit to the 14th century Monastery with its fabulous location and atmosphere of tranquil calm is a must-see for any visitor. Bellapais Monastery derives its name from the French, meaning ‘Monastery of peace’. It was also known as the ‘white abbey’ on account of the white robes which were worn by the monks who lived here. Bellapais Abbey was built in 1158-1205 AD and with its iconic arches is one of the finest examples in Cyprus of the Gothic architecture of the Lusignan period.

There are hotels in Kyrenia to suit everyone’s tastes; from modern sophisticated hotels to rustic and traditional hotels. When choosing your hotel bear in mind location and what you want from your holiday. Do you want to be surrounded by countryside views or would you prefer to stay in the heart of a town which has exciting nightlife? Whatever you desire from a hotel you will find it in and around Kyrenia.


As the sun sets restaurants prepare to for the evening’s guests. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to suit your taste and your wallet. In Kyrenia harbour locals take their evening stroll and the cafés and bistros that face the sea prepare for their nightly trade; arranging crisp white linen and small vases of local flowers on table-tops to welcome the evening’s guests to wine and dine in the cooling breeze. For a different setting, opt for a balcony or even a rooftop table, giving you amazing views of the sunset over the sea, while you enjoy the Turkish or European cuisine. There are over 125 bars and restaurants in the harbour area and dotted along the coastline so you can try out a new one every night.


Kyrenia is surround by beautiful natural beaches, where you can enjoy a dip in the sea, the sun, or even some watersports such as paragliding, scuba diving etc.

A popular way to venture our and explore Kyrenia is by taking a boat trip that leaves from the harbour daily. Cruise  along the clear waters of the Med, enjoy a authentic lunch on board, discover hidden coves of the island.

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