A diverse island of varied and exotic habitats, Sri Lanka’s allure is obvious. If you’re still undecided about visiting though, then here are five good reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on all that this beautiful country has to offer.


Tea is always a good incentive for anything. Us Brits especially love to have a chinwag over a freshly brewed cuppa, so imagine drinking it surrounded by the rolling green plantations it was sourced from.

Sri Lanka is the home of the famous Ceylon Tea, with its monsoon rainfalls and cooler air in the hills providing the perfect environment for it to grow in. Visitors can even help to pick the tea leaves if they wish, observing the industry and getting to make their very own cup from scratch. The only problem is that after such an experience, the next time you’re chucking a tea bag into a mug the whole process will feel very boring in comparison!


One of Sri Lanka’s most exciting attributes is its wildlife. It’s renowned for its elephants and leopards roaming the jungle, along with a striking array of birds flickering through the sky. The mixture of sanctuaries and National Parks such as Yala are the perfect places for catching a glimpse of some of the exotic and endangered species that inhabit this land, while the undisturbed nature that surrounds them is perfect for finding a sense of tranquility.


Good food is a route to the soul, and the mixture of vibrant flavours and international inspiration within Sri Lankan cuisine will have you feeling a connection to the country’s diverse regions and lively spirit.
Some favourites include hoppers, jackfruit and many different types of rice, meat and vegetable dishes that are infused with different flavours and spices. Coconut milk is also a popular ingredient for both mains and desserts.
One of the best things about the Sri Lankan food has to be how fresh it is though. Going shopping for fruit and vegetables in the markets is a must for getting into the community spirit and experiencing the difference in flavour of foods when they have only recently been picked.


Sri Lanka has much to offer in terms of varying temperatures and environments. If you travel up North you will be greeted by monsoons and lush greenery, while areas such as Kandy have the cool air of hills embellished in plantations. Colombo offers the bustle of a city, and national parks the seclusion and serenity of flora and fauna filled nature.
No luxurious getaway is quite complete without a beach though, and luckily there are also some of the world’s most beautiful beaches here too. Down South there are gloriously white sands and placid waters at beaches such as Unawatuna Beach. Bentota Beach is host to some very luxurious boutique hotels, while Pigeon Island, which is just by Nilaveli Beach on the East Coast, near Trincomalee is perfect for water sports.
The beaches in Sri Lanka are special, because each offers different opportunities, be it whale spotting, snorkeling, or just plain relaxing. The beaches are also far more peaceful than those that you find in overly populated beach tourist destinations. There’s a real sense of calm and escape through visiting the ones here.

The Cultural Triangle

Many places around the world have spectacular history to see, though few will have as much of an impact as the Cultural Triangle within Sri Lanka. This part of the country is sketched by the following areas: cultural capital Kandy, ancient capital Polonnaruwa and the ancient cities of Anuradhapura. Within the triangle there is also the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the rock temple caves of Dambulla and the Sri Lankan birthplace of Buddhism, Mihintale.
There is so much historical charm to be found here that you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled back in time while exploring it. There are a grand total of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which emphasises the magnificence of the area, while spectacular events such as The Festival of the Tooth bring a spiritual charisma to the seemingly endless greenery. The Cultural Triangle is somewhere to rejuvenate your senses and feel closer to Sri Lanka’s identity. It’s certain to provide an experience like no other.