Everyone loves a good holiday deal, and they’re easy to find if you’re savvy about booking your getaway. We have some tips for you on how best to go about this, and while many will seem pretty obvious they can still be helpful to remind yourself of when starting to plan a holiday.

1. Go at an off peak time

Although this may be more difficult if you have kids or your holiday periods fall at peak times such as June to September, there are still ways to get around this. For example, peak times can vary depending on the destination. For Dubai June is actually considered off peak, and therefore is likely to have better deals than normal while still maintaining a warm, luxurious climate.

For those that can be flexible with when they take their holiday, May is one of the best times to go in regards to Mediterranean destinations. Flights and accommodation will be cheaper, while the climate is still comfortably warm. You’re also likely to find that the tourist attractions are less crowded.

2. Book early

This is a simple one, but nevertheless a mantra everyone should keep in mind: The earlier you book, the cheaper the deals you’ll get. This is especially true of flights, where prices are always fluctuating and so it’s good to book before the prices go up, which is likely to be the closer it gets to your holiday date.

3. Research destinations

It’s not a shot in the dark to assume that going to Bognor Regis will probably be a lot cheaper than going to Barbados, but for other parts of the world the difference in costs might not be so obvious immediately. For example, going to Turkey can work out much cheaper than going to other spots in Europe due to the fact it uses the Turkish Lira as a currency rather than the Euro. Little things like this can make a big difference and be worth researching for that reason.

4. Be flexible

Sure, flights at normal hours would be nice, preferably with your favourite airline and from the most convenient airport, but it’s not always possible. The same goes for accommodation – sometimes you have to weigh up whether the sacrifice is worth the money it will save you, and often it is.

5. Choose your tour operator carefully

If you have a particular destination in mind then sometimes going with a specialist tour operator can be the best option. This can mean that you’ll be offered more choices for things such as airlines and also better deals.

6. Keep a lookout

While the above will all help to get a cheaper holiday, on top of this keeping a lookout through checking online for deals is also always a good idea. For example, here at Direct Traveller we currently have 15% off specific Turkey tours: the Anatolian Highlights, Fire of Anatolia, Best of Anatolia and Anatolian Treasures, and the booking period for this is the 1st of April to the 31st May.