We all love grabbing a bargain. Whether its an early booking offer or a last minute deal, you’re always on to a winner if you save some hard earned money.

It’s a competitive world out there, and at Direct Traveller we believe in honesty, integrity and an ethical package deals. Ensure you are grabbing real holiday deals by using our checklist for reference. Our handy checklist is aimed at giving you an insight into what to look for:

Firstly Is the Price Real?

The price of something is always the initial signal for any holidaymakers looking for a bargain deal. You know when you see a good price. Or do you? Many holiday companies include a low “from” price, then they lure you in to make the call or check their website, to find out, you have been misled.

Direct Traveller: We always remain transparent with our prices. If we say its from its from. If it doesn’t include baggage, we tell you, and if there are compulsory supplements, we tell you that too.


What Exactly Are You Being Offered?

The product you are being offered is the most vital aspect of whether you are getting a real deal. A holiday bargain is not just set by price.



You could be booking a holiday for £199, but would you really want to spend 7 nights in a building that is of uncomfortable accommodation, a lack of functional facilities and poor service? This would bring you more stress than pleasure. Check out reviews of the hotel, make sure it’s worth your hard earned funds. Always read between the lines on review sites too. If you notice that all reviewers have 1 post, or tend to speak the same tone for language, you maybe onto a fake reviewer.



Many people ignore the flight aspect of their package. Consider the airline you are flying with. Are you going to get a pleasurable experience on-board? Will it be a part of your holiday or will it only be the pain before the pleasure? Look up airlines review websites of the airlines you are being offered.



Are your transfers safe? Are they licensed vehicles being used by the holiday provider? Do they have the relevant insurance, seat belts and health and safety audits? Are the vehicles serviced regularly? Even are they air-conditioned? These are all things you need to consider when booking a “bargain”.


Small Print

Always read the small print. Many companies offer amazing deals, but when you read the small print, you find yourself being pushed into off season dates, compulsory upgrades, or essential extras.

Direct Traveller: We hand-select all accommodation suppliers, ground handlers and also airlines. We always tell you upfront about any extras, and you will always be given the best option for your needs. This is how we ensure your safety and the value for money in what the suppliers are offering. This is ultimately to give you a holiday to remember for the right reasons.


Who Is Offering You The Deal

Always book with reputable companies. Ask yourself, do they look like they would help you if you are in a difficult situation? Do they have a representative service? Are they UK based, so you can find them accountable? Are they fully licensed with both ATOL & members of ABTA? DO they have recognition for their level of service?

Direct Traveller: We are recognised in many ways over the years for our level of service from multiple awards at the British Travel Awards, Recognised in the Sunday Times Virgin Fats Track league tables, by the ministers of tourism and more. We are ATOL protected, and voluntary members of ABTA. What’s more we have a dedicated representative service  for your peace of mind. This all means you can book in confidence knowing we are with you every step of the way.


Deal Finder Summary

Once you solve the fundamentals of the above points, you can enjoy a real bargain. Grabbing a deal is always exciting.. so take our tips in mind, and you will better guarantee you enjoy your precious holiday experience.