If you enjoy nature and would like to capture what nature has to offer, then North Cyprus is your destination.    
Many travellers look for places filled with natural beauty. Many would like to spend their holidays in such a tourist destination, where they can imbibe natural beauty in its full form. If you are also looking for outstandingly captivating beauty then look no further than Northern Cyprus.

Discovering the exquisiteness on the island  

How travellers would like to discover the beauty on the island is up to them as there are so many options for holidaymakers. To discover natural beauty here on the med-island, travellers can go trekking in the safe forest areas. They can go hiking across nature trails, camping in the loveliest areas near Bellapais Village or in and around the Karpaz Peninsula, or on the gorgeous beaches in and around Kyrenia and Famagusta.

Cycling through the labyrinth of lanes

Some holidaymakers enjoy cycling in North Cyprus for its independence and mobility on the island. Go across the network of lanes, by-lanes or alleys in your favorite town-like-cities such as Famagusta and Kyrenia. You can cycle through the labyrinth of routes which can lead you to the mountainous area in Kyrenia or to the most ancient villages in Kyrenia such as Monastic Village or Bellapais Abbey etc. Feel the essence of the beauty, cycling around the aromatic citrus groves or just simply go through busy market areas (And when you are tired of cycling then you can spend your time here on one of the beaches in Famagusta or in Kyrenia where you can feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun with a pinch of coldness in it).
  • The beauty of this island in the Mediterranean region really offers a real escape.
  • Richness in natural heritage on the island is just simply amazing.
  • Wildlife flourishes here on the island.
  • About 220 species of birds touch down on this island during their season of migration from one place to the other.
  • This island is just simply fantastic for all those who love the outdoors.
  • It is a place where you will not find crowd (65-70 people per square mile).
  • It is free from pollution.
  • About 240 miles of coastline, perfectly swathed in lush forests (Pine forests with maquis bush and cypress / provide a perfect sanctuary for the wildlife to flourish).
Don’t forget to talk the walk around the citrus groves (this island is just known for fragrant citrus groves). Don’t forget to catch the glimpses of the spectacular
landscape of Famagusta or Kyrenia when you are here on your Northern Cyprus holidays.
North Cyprus Landscape

All about Natural Beauty in North Cyprus

Kantara Castle which you can reach even through Besparmak Mountains is the place you shall visit. It is a place known for springtime sanctuary where there can be many migrating birds. Visitors can also find here in this place the island’s most striking residents such as Buzzards, Falcons, Griffon Vultures etc. There are a large number of butterflies too (here are species which are peculiar of this island. Find here Cleopatra butterflies Festoon butterflies with colorful wings, reflecting the colors of sunshine).
Blooming into a rhapsody of colours
The climate is always perfect for exploring. Suitably warm climate on this island allows visitors to enjoy their holidays without any sort of trouble. Go through the open fields and mountains to find flowers blooming with all their beauty, spreading fragrance far and wide.
When you go through any hilly area then you can find golden-yellow oleanders which seem to bed the hills (Crocuses or multi-colored anemones appear during Christmas season). But it is during winter season or during spring season that the island blooms into a rhapsody of myriad hues with the island’s best known darkly red poppies, appearing here and there in bunches. Orchids come up in plenty too (known for their stunning rarity and unique beauty). There are about 32 species or sub-species of the wild orchid flora, many of them are known to show striking similarities with that of the European varieties which include but not limited to Autumn Lady Tresses Orchids (Some of the selected orchid species which are native to this island, northern Cyprus include Orchis collina, Orchis papilonacea, Neotinea maculate, Orchis simian, Orchis italic and Dactylorhiza romana etc).
This island is simply famous for its olive and carob groves. It is known for its citrus groves (The Island is just totally infused with the citrus groves. The scent of the lemons, lime or oranges always drifts through the Mediterranean air). Fruit which are common or which grow in plenty here include pomegranate, strawberries and date palms.
North Cyprus Butterflies
Visit Alevkaya Forest Station
If you are interested in the plants on the island then we suggest you should visit Alevkaya Forest Station which is located near the mountain ridge between Degirmenlik and Esentepe. Here, visitors can come to know of a large number of things about the plant life on the island (There is a collection of the pressed plant specimens which can let you know more about plants present on the island. Here is a collection of plants which are endemic on the island). Information on each and every specimen is very much clear. Visitors will get to know all about where the plant is from, who discovered it or when it was discovered etc. There are about 1100 species at this forest station.
The natural beauty that amazes and inspires
Take a stroll during morning or evening hours to imbibe the beauty which drifts through the air or opt for a ride through the network of allies or lanes etc. Other things which the tourists can indulge in may include bird watching, mountain climbing, horse riding, camping etc.
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