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Things To Do Around Bodrum

Play Golf In Bodrum's Amazing Golf Courses


There may not be as many as the golfing hub of Turkey that is Antalya, but Bodrum still offers the opportunity to play some fantastic games of golf, and with great proximity to the resort towns and beaches, you don't have to travel far to indulge in one of the greatest pleasures in life


Vita Park Golf Resort 

The Vita Park Golf resort is located in the unique village of Bogazici, and is mostly surrounded by water so that you’ll feel truly removed from all the stresses of everyday life and be able to lose yourself in the game. You’ll feel perfectly content in the low humidity climate and amongst the vibrant nature. The pro shop can also offer you any extra equipment you might require.


Basic Information

Halikarnas Course - 18 holes, golf season all year round

Milas Course  - 18 holes, Golf season all year round


Address Information

Bogaziçi Köyü, Tuzla Ova Mevkii No: 23, 48200 Milas, Mugla



Bodrum Golf Club


Based near Ortakent in the beautiful resort of Bodrum, this golf course is the perfect escape for those looking to fit some golf in between the beaches and sightseeing. The club house has its own restaurant and looks out over the flawless grass of the course that creates a perfect, but challenging, game. Multiple lakes block your way through the game, but overcoming them is the perfect way to enjoy the game, and they are undeniably beautiful. And if you feel like something more active after your game, why not play some tennis because the Bodrum golf club is part of a country club like facility that offers more than just one fantastic game. Be careful though, or you might find yourself spending days here just enjoying the food, shops and sports! 


Basic Information 

- Public Course, 18 holes, Open all year


Address Information

Kemer Mevki, Ortakent, TR-48400 Bodrum


Visit The Local Market Of Akyarlar 


If you visit Akyarlar near Bodrum on a Thursday, you will be lucky enough to be able to wander through the small covered stalls where a whole host of goods are available, although the large majority is food and fresh produce.


Up the hill from the town’s mosque you will find this lovely place, but beware, in Turkey a “market” is a supermarket, so if asking for directions request the “Pazar” which is the same as a small local or farmer’s market.


Slide Down Dedeman's Auqa Park Near Bitez


The Dedeman Aqua Park is on the outskirts of Bitez, with a wide range of fantastic slides as well as a whole host of other activities. There are three restaurants as well as a bar, beer garden, disco and even shops for you to pick up a souvenir.


The park is the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy, not to mention it’s perfect for easing the summer heat. At 40,000 square metres, it’s large enough to keep you entertained all day, and with a short ride in a taxi or dolmus the only thing keeping you from getting there, why not?



Delve To Deep Waters With Scuba Diving From Bitez Bay


There are a large number of scuba diving schools and excursion companies near Bodrum and Bitez that are perfect both for experienced divers and beginners, with the opportunity to see some of the best underwater worlds in all of Turkey in Bitez.


So when you’re here, make sure to pick a reputable company (which our rep will help you with) and make sure to listen to all of the safety information so that you don’t have to worry about a thing as you discover this brand new world of parrot fish, octopus and masses of multi colored schools of fish darting around you.


View Bodrum Marina From The Castle Of St. Peter

Completed in 1406, St Peter’s Castle or Bodrum Castle was built to withstand a Seljuk invasion on a promontory visible for miles around that now sits beside Bodrum harbour. Defining the local landscape, the massive grey expanse of castle is beautiful and has outstanding views of the water and city below it.


The museum of underwater archaeology is now within the castle, and has truly fascinating information on the recovery and expeditions of ancient wrecks and cities that lie below the waters of Bodrum. Even if you’re only passing through Bodrum, make sure that a quick trip to Bodrum Castle is on your list because you will most certainly regret it if you don’t!  


Take A Boat Trip Off The Coast To Rabbit Island

Just off the coast of Bodrum is Rabbit Island, the perfect place to take a boat trip, and fantastic for going for a hike or picnic somewhere a little bit more rural, with beautiful views of the coast of Bodrum. And if you’re lucky you might stop some of the inhabitants that have given this small rocky outcrop its name!


See The Windmills Of Bodrum Peninsula


If you’re in Bodrum and look up into the hills, chances are some white buildings in the distance will grab your attention. But these buildings are in reality beautiful windmills, white washed and scattered amongst the hills.


If you venture up to see them up close you will have a breath taking view of Bodrum Resort as well as a great place to take photos from. Facing northwest to catch the winds and having been used from the 17th Century, these windmills are a classic piece of Bodrum history and make the landscape truly picturesque.


Take Time Out at Didim's Bafa Lake


If you’re looking for a calm and tranquil day away from the hustle and bustle of modern Turkish life, why not head to Bafa Lake, a beautiful expanse of water that has a restaurant on the edge of the water, but not much else. Hills and mountains surround it and the soft greenery is beautiful to behold.


Spend time playing in the waters or maybe just sit and absorb the peace of your surrounding but no matter what you decide, Bafa Lake is most certainly worth a day trip at the very least for the sheer beauty of this natural body of water.



Walk the Sacred Path to Temple of Apollo in Didim

There are hundreds of temples built for Apollo that remain from the ancient world, but the one in Didim is one that has the largest amount still standing. A massive amount of the building still remains, and although the only attraction truly inside Didim, the temple won’t let you down as there are a wealth of interesting facts that can be learnt about the remains.


The Sacred Way is another fascinating part of the history of this ancient city, said to have originally been part of a road joining Didim and Miletus. So if you’re travelling through this delightful and historically rich area of Bodrum, why not visit the temple of Apollo and the Sacred way?




Scuba Dive in the Big Reef Near Gumbet

The big reef near Bodrum is a large orange coral reef where sea urchins, star fish and a range of crustaceans can be found as well as a large number of tropical fish.


Diving is available for all levels from beginner right up to expert, and a short fifteen minute boat ride will bring you here from Gumbet harbour. The north side slopes down into the waters whilst the north falls in a steep drop to a sand floor 40m below sea level. The orange sponges and the reef are the ecological foundation for much of the wildlife you will see, and this dive is truly beautiful and worthwhile.



Be Nostalgic & Visit The Remains Of The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, or Bodrum Mausoleum is only 3km from Gumbet (a ten minute dolmus trip) and dates back to 350B.C. The tomb was originally a mammoth stone structure at 50 metres tall, but now a small amount remains, although the surrounding area is still beautiful and with the great locality to Gumbet, why not?


The Mausoleum is closed on Mondays and open until 5pm but make sure you fit it into your holiday this year.



Visit The Local Church Of Gumusluk of Bodrum


The Gumusluk church is near the Dolmus station in the small town near Bodrum, and was built in Byzantium times, about 250 years ago.


Unlike most churches in the area that are either in ruins or have been turned into a mosque, the Gumusluk church remains intact and hosts an annual classic music festival from July to September with a wide range of musicians on multiple instruments from pianists to jazz quartets and even a symphony orchestra. Although the church isn’t the only site of the concerts, it’s a fantastic place to catch some beautiful music and really feel part of the great local community.



Discover the Byzantine Monastery Ruins Near Torba


If you’re after a perfect slice of history amongst a sleepy traditional Turkish town near Bodrum, then the byzantine monastery ruins are certainly for you. You’ll find the ruins on the east side of the bay, with multiple ancient walls still standing, and some others supported to maintain their original structure.


It’s a beautiful reminder of a time gone by, and if you’re in the area of Torba, a must see for any history buff!



Go Horse Riding In Turgetreis


The hills and country surrounding and winding through Turgetreis near Bodrum is the perfect place to go horse riding, with pony treks available widely, but the Countryranch being the main provider.


They have 27 fantastically healthy and happy horses that are available for all abilities to use, so if you’ve never gone horse riding before, or if you go every week there will be not only a horse to suit your level but also a range of paths and safaris available for you to make the most of this fantastic method of seeing the landscape or make sure that you aren’t walking like a cowboy all evening and go for a shorter ride instead.



Sail Like an Explorer to Black Island


If you’re looking for something a little bit more lively than sunbathing, why not find a trusted boat trip provider and head out to Black Island of Bodrum?


Small hidden coves are the perfect place to explore, and the swimming and diving opportunities are fantastic, with beautiful fish around and interesting rock formations to swim around. Some boat tours will even take you on to other Bodrum areas were the diving is even more fascinating!




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