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Things To Do Around Dalaman


Sunbathe at Iztuzu Beach Near Dalyan


The gentlest of beaches, Iztuzu is home to the cute little loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta). For this reason it has remained a peaceful retreat, protected from the usual hustle and bustle of tourist sun, sea and sand resorts.


You could spend a day here sunbathing, going for dips in the topaz waters, swimming with the turtles and grabbing a bite to eat from the locals, who prepare snacks in the area. There are sun beds and umbrellas offered to rent, and toilets and a café nearby also, so you could spend an entire day here quite happily. Whether on a romantic retreat, family holiday, or even just by yourself, this is an ideal location for forgetting the stresses of the world and soaking up the natural beauty of Turkey. 


Explore Ancient Cuanos City near Dalyan


The ruins of ancient Cuanos city

Whether you’re interested in the History and old architecture of Turkey, it doesn’t matter. The ancient Cuanos city is a wonderful day trip idea for those that want a change from the beach, hotel and shops and want to see some incredible sights.


This settlement is by legend believed to have been founded by Cuanos, the grandson of Apollo. Over time it grew into a port on the border between Lycia and Caria. There is a lot to see here, with the oldest find being a Protogeometric amphora that dates all the way back to the 9th century BC! Some of the principal monuments include a theatre dating from the 2nd century BC, Roman baths, the temple of Apollo and Agora and a marketplace.


Walking through these old ruins will surely leave you feeling inspired and transported back to a different time and culture so far removed from the life you know. Do be sure to bring lots of water, some snacks and good walking shoes!


Be Beautiful in the Thermal mud baths of Ilica & Sultaniye


Thermal springs and mud baths of Ilica and Sultaniye

If you’re on holiday you’re here to recuperate from the stresses of life, surely? Well, if the beach isn’t quite doing it for you or you just want a little extra TLC then this is the ultimate in relaxation and fun!


The thermal baths of Sultaniye have waters of 40 degrees Celsius, and have been valued since ancient times. They are particularly well known for their health benefits, and this is partly due to the fact the water actually contain radioactiveness, which are completely harmless (not the kind that might give you superpowers we’re afraid). They also contain hydrogen sulphur and are thought to remedy a number of ailments for many illnesses.


The mud works to medicate rheumatism also and are especially great for improving your skin. After frolicking about in mud you get to let it dry out from the sun and look a bit silly before cleansing in a sulphur pool. Many are certain it’ll make you look decades younger, so don’t be surprised if you get a few envious glances when you get back home!


Be Inspired at Ancient Ruins Carian City of Knidos Near Datca Road


Ruins of the ancient Carian City of Knidos

The ancient Knidos city is found at the end of a peninsula, and was built for the goddess Aphrodite, making it a fascinating day trip spot for travellers interested in art and culture.


You can reach Knidos by driving through Datca Road, or take the more preferable route that is by boat from the popular Turkish resorts of Marmaris or Bodrum. Back in the 4th century BC Knidos was one of the six Dorian colonies and was admired for its artwork and impressive buildings such as a theatre and temples.


Perhaps best known is the fact it was the first city to have boldly showcased the female naked form, with Praxiteles famous statue of Aphrodite. This statue once inhabited Aphrodite’s temple, which the remains of still exist to see.


Feel Spiritually Energised at the Lycian Rock Tombs Near Dalaman


Lycian Rock Tombs

Many tombs were built to be beautiful tributes to their ancestors, and the Lycians further developed this idea through making use of the limestone in the area and constructing artful tombs of a skilful quality near the Dalaman region. There are apparently one thousand and eighty five examples of these tombs still about, and you can spot many around Turkey in places such as Patara and Kas.


The fascinating thing about these tombs is not only the history they hold but the fact many were built to be integrated into the cities and towns, making it so that the dead were there in spirit with the living. The Lycians also believed that the souls of the dead would be carried to the after world by some kind of winged creature and so often strategically placed the tombs along the coast and tops of cliffs. They can be host to many ancient inscriptions or Lycian artistic expression. Nowadays they provide a connection to Turkey’s past, a beautiful and unique part of the scenery.


Take in the Splendour of Marmaris Castle 


Marmaris Castle

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote in the 5th Century BC that a castle has stood in Marmaris since 3000 BC. It has been through quite a tumultuous history too, having been invaded by Alexander the Great in 334 BC and being left largely destroyed by a French Destroyer in WWI.


It was restored however between 980-1991, and has since been turned into a museum for tourists to visit. This fascinating part of Turkey’s past includes 7 galleries to look around and is a great reason to take a day trip. With Marmaris being a popular tourist destination such places as the castle provide an opportunity to venture into the traditional Turkish environment, away from the rush of bars, shops and eateries. Do make sure you bring some water and good walking shoes with you though.


Paraglide Oludeniz Coastline for the best views!



Many places along the coast in Turkey offer the chance to go paragliding. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky or just fancy trying something exciting while abroad, this is a fantastic experience that allows you to get an amazing bird eye view of the impressive mountains, sandy beaches and glistening blue waters.


Kalkan is a good destination for trying some Paragliding out, although Oludeniz is the favourite, having been named one of the best places in Europe for the air sport due to its striking scenery. So if you’re feeling brave, give it a try! It’s a unique holiday memory that will allow you to see the area from a view not many others have done.


Take a dip in Oludeniz Blue lagoon


Take a dip in Oludeniz beach blue lagoon. A protected area, you will not get more clam and aqua blue waters as this. one of the most pictured areas on the Mediterranean, Oludeniz is an amazing place for swimming, with no waves.


Protected by the lagoons natural protection, the lagoon is ideal for relaxing, for couples and families as there literally is no waves. As the straight translation of "Oludeniz" is "dead Sea".. you can see why.



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