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Turkey Beaches


Turkey is host to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You only need to know that the word turquoise originated from the phrase 'Turk', having been inspired by the incredible illuminated blue of many of the Turkish seas that lap the almond coloured sands of places such as Oludeniz. Whether looking to find a peaceful spot secluded between coves, take part in some water sport activities or maybe even spot some turtles you'll have the opportunity to discover your ideal beach location and marvel at the picturesque scenery whilst bathing in the sun.


If you're a sun worshipper who just can't get enough of beautiful crisp white sand and crystal clear waters, there are few places in the world that can beat Turkey. Some of the most amazing beaches in both the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are in Turkey, along gorgeous coasts that must be visited at least once in your lifetime. From miles and miles of sandy perfection to the smallest untouched coves only accessible by boat, Turkey has every opportunity to enjoy sunkissed beauty. 


For those looking for an exotic dive spot, why not head for one of the shingle beaches, where rock formations and colourful fish are just waiting to be discovered under the surface. The best beaches in Turkey are located in four main regions; Dalaman, Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir. 


Each has its own unique style and caters to a wide range of visitors and although the local areas of each are completely different they have one obvious thing in common; an outstanding stretch of beach. 


Dalaman Beaches

In the Dalaman region the beaches are mainly small coves that are ideal of relaxation and solitude without a mass of tourists around, but if you want something a little more lively, Marmaris is perfect. If you're looking for true perfection, Oludeniz beach in Fethiye is famous for its blue lagoon, understandably the most photographed spot in the area. The lagoon offers sanctuary from waves and is the perfect place for unconfident swimmers and children to play without threat of a current. 


Butterfly Valley Beach

This secluded spot is not far from Oludeniz and can be reached from Fethiye also. If you're looking for somewhere a little quieter and further removed from the usual tourist buzzing beaches this is a great choice. 


Iztuzu Beach

You'll find Iztuzu beach in the Dalyan area near Kalkan. It is best known for being the birthing place to the loggerhead turtles and for this reason remains an unspoilt and calm location to spend the day sunbathing, swimming or taking pictures.


Oludeniz Beach

This has been named Turkey's most photographed beach, and with its stunning blue lagoon you'll see why. Located in the Fethiye region it is the ideal place to visit if you're hoping to experience a paradise like setting and maybe wind down with some food or drinks in the nearby restaurants and bars that overlook the beautiful scenery. 


Patara Beach

Patara beach is popular thanks to its 12 metre long stretch of beach and quiet atmosphere due to hardly any hotels nearby, which in turn provides visitors with an uncrowded environment to relax in. It's a great glimpse of the vibrant historical scenery that is infused into the Turkish nature, with the Patara ruins close by and the knowledge that this is in fact the birthplace of Santa Claus! 


Antalya Beaches

Antalya is also a fantastic location for perfect beaches, with the most obvious choice being Lara, which stretches for miles covering almost the entire coast of Antalya City, offering a perfect place to get some sun, or play in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Water sports are also widely available along Lara Beach and create a great opportunity for thrill seekers to raise the adrenalin of their holiday. Although Lara is by far the largest and best known beach in the region, Belek and Side also boast beaches with the softest white sand, although the beaches in Belek are largely split into private hotel areas as the resort is full of phenomenal five star seaside hotels. Because so many coastal areas are covered with some of the best beaches in the world, it's no surprise that this area is known as the Turkish Riviera. 

Lara Beach


You'll find this wonderful slice of paradise on the Turkish coastline in Antalya. This is quickly growing to become one of the most popular beach destinations in the region and is a must for those that want to experience the ultimate in relaxing scenery, with topaz waters glistening under the sun alongside a stretch of sand. PS - Just be sure to bring your sun cream and some water!


Bodrum & Kusadasi Beaches

Bodrum and Kusadasi also have outstanding beaches, although not all are sandy, they are also worth visiting and staying at with a great selection of diving and water sports available. They both also have beautiful harbours which offer a fantastic opportunity for cruising and boat excursions around some of the uninhabited islands in the area. And don't forget to check out the large expanse of shops and markets that are scattered around the beach areas because you'll be spoilt for choice with the surprising range of items. Don't forget to visit Kusadasi beach in Izmir if you're a keen windsurfer, because the windy sea is perfect for the sport! 


Ladies Beach

You'll find this unique and striking beach in Kusadasi, along the Aegean coast. Its name comes from the fact that it was once a beach specifically for women only! There are plenty of shops and restaurants here to keep you entertained in between soaking up the sun. 




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