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Things To Do Around Cappadocia

Explore the Underground cities beneath Cappadocia  


Cappadocia Underground Cities 

There are 36 underground cities under Cappadocia to discover. Kaymakli underground city is the widest underground city around the Cappadocia region, while Derinkuyu City is the deepest of them all. Both provide a unique experience of curiosity, mystery and adventure,. 


Of them all the Kaymakli underground city is the most popular to visit and it has been open to public since 1964. Kaymakli has eight floors, and four of them are open with ventilation for the public to investigate.


Imagine delving into history, and we mean literally! Venture into the underground tunnels and cities where thousands lived before. A hideout for some and a home for all, the Cappadocia underground cities are just part of the appeal of the area. With fairy chimney type sculptures creating homes, the area is truly fascinating for history lovers or those who like to see mysterious places. 




Fly to the Sky with a Hot Air Balloon Over Cappadocia 


Take the ultimate voyage of tranquillity and take in the views across the Cappadocia Valley. This amazing experience gives an opportunity for relaxing and a little bit of adrenaline for nervous flyers. 


Hot air ballooning is a serious part of visiting this region in Turkey, with many professional companies operating hot air balloon rides across the peninsula. This is a truly unique experience for everyone.. Experienced flyers or first time flyers will enjoy the trip as it offers a fascinating perspective to Cappadocia. If you thought discovering it underground and over ground was amazing, the in-flight will be spectacular. 


Romantic gestures at their peak, The hot air balloons provide the perfect setting to spend time with your loved ones.  Excursions are available early in the morning or late afternoon.


A unique environment, romance is always high on the agenda in this region which is fascinating for couples, friends and those seeking adventure. 



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