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Things To Do Around Istanbul

Play Golf & Take Timeout From Bustling Istanbul City

If you're experiencing the best that Istanbul has to offer, make sure that you don't miss the fantastic golf opportunities that are at your fingertips. Just a short journey from the central city you have the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favourite sport and spend a little bit of time away from the bustle of the big city. For more information click on the link below and find out about the best place to escape Istanbul and play a great round of golf.


Istanbul Golf Course

Home to tournaments all year round from a host of companies and golfers of all ages and skill range, the Istanbul Golf Course is the best place to spend some time relaxing whilst taking a small break from the metropolis of Istanbul. Only a short drive or bus away, the Istanbul golf course is the best place to spend some time enjoying golf and with a great pro shop, there’s nothing to spoil your fun, not even if you lose or forget something. If you’re feeling a little rusty before a game, why not head to the club house where there are social facilities as well as a chipping and putting green alongside a driving range so that you can perfect your game.


Basic Information 

- Public Course, 18 holes, Open all year


Address Information

Buyukdere Cad.Harp Akademileri ici, Eski Oto Sanayi Sitesi Karsisi, Yeni Levent/Istanbul



Discover What Under Istanbul City At The Basilica Cistern


The Basilica Cistern is actually  the biggest of a hundred ancient cisterns below Istanbul city, many of them still standing today. It is located south of Hagia Sophia and contains hundreds of stone pillars that create an eerie but calm atmosphere that truly must be experienced to be believed.


The beauty of this location is undeniable, and the subterranean location creates an otherworldly feeling. Completed aprroximately in the 6th Century at Byzantine times and provided filtered water for Constantinople's great palace. However, due to the underground nature of this attraction, and the fifty two steps that descend into it, this is probably not suitable for any guests with buggies, prams or any disabled guests.



Cruise The Bosporus & See A Different View Of Istanbul


Every visitor to Istanbul simply must travel across the Bosphorus by boat and whether you’re simply crossing to Taksim from the old city, make the most of the relaxed nature of the journey and admire the beautiful scenery around because views from the Bosphorus are undeniably some of the best in the city.


Or if you want something a little more, book a proper cruise and enjoy the entire coast! Cruises vary greatly by length, journey and price so shop around and make sure you get one perfectly suited to you. But no matter what cruise you pick, make sure to look into the waters of the river Bosphorus where you might just spot a jellyfish!


Be Fascinated By Turkish Imperial Architecture In Dolmabahce Palace


Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace lies on the European shore of the Bosphorus and is a fantastic example of Ottoman decadence and magnificent architecture.


There are 285 rooms and is the grandest of all the Ottoman imperial palaces in Turkey, which is obvious just from the outside but the interiors are even more spectacular. A 4000kg chandelier hangs within and is just one example of the indulgence that the imperials experienced. The palace simply must be visited, except make sure it’s not a Monday or Thursday as they are the days the palace closes, as well as the first day of Islamic holidays



Enjoy Raki, Fish & Live Entertainment With Locals At Cicek Pasaji


Cicek Pasaji

The Cicek Pasaji in Beyoglu (near Taksim) is a covered arcade filled with rows of historic cafes, restaurants and wine houses which place seating outside and offer guests the opportunity to mingle and create a friendly chatty atmosphere. The surrounding buildings are beautiful and although the area is enclosed it feels as light and airy as any outdoor seating would be.


The name Cicek Pasaji literally translates to flower passage because of the flower shops that previously occupied the location after the Russian revolution in 1917. However after a restoration, it opened as a galleria full of cafes, eateries and wine shops on Istiklal Avenue, in the Beyoglu district. If you’re looking for a lively and sophisticated place for dinner or lunch, why not include the Cicek Pasaji?



Visit The Home Of The Sultans At Topkapi Palace


Topkapi Palace

The primary residence for Ottoman Sultans for almost 400 years of their 600 year reign, the Topkapi Palace was a large structure that housed up to four thousand people at its peak. With multiple buildings and four courtyards as well as mosques, bakeries, a hospital and even a mint, Topkapi Palace was and is still a vast sprawling structure in which every building is ornate and delicately detailed.


Topkapi Palace gradually became less important in the 17th Century when the Sultans began to spend more time in the Dolmabahce Palace and others along the Bosphorus. Nowadays, the palace has been turned into a museum and is a beautiful example of Ottoman elegance.


Admire the Mosaics of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul


The Sultan Ahmet Mosque (or blue mosque) is a historical and ancient building is adorned with thousands of blue tiles inside the beautiful domes giving the nickname that it has become known for.


It was completed in 1616 under the rule of Ahmet I and contains a tomb and a hospice as well as space for prayers as to this day the blue mosque is primarily used for religious purposes, and also offers tourists the chance to experience the wonder of this fantastic building, however is closed to non-worshippers on religious days to that the people are not disturbed.




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