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Activities In the Mountains


The Five finger Mountains are not just an amazing site to see. they offer the immense backdrop of ambience to the Kyrenia town, but they also give an opportunity for many activities in the region. Make the most of your holidays to North Cyprus by venturing out the mountain range for a touch of nature and adventure. 



Mountains of North Cyprus




Many play golf as a way to unwind and de-stress, or just as an enjoyable hobby in their spare time. Imagine then, playing in the sun warmed Mediterranean setting of North Cyprus! You'll never have another golfing experience quite like it. The blue skies and mountain ridge silhouettes along with glimpses of the sea in the distance combine to provide you with an inspiring environment that is sure to keep you calm and focused for every game.


Korineum Golf & Beach Club

Of the golf resorts the Korineum is one of the most luxurious in the area. Beaches are never far off for you to have a break as the Korineum golf club has its own sandy beach for you to take a refreshing dip in the sea. The Korineum golf club also has a bar and restaurants so that players can spend their whole day golfing and taking in the holiday atmosphere. 

The climate in North Cyprus also means that the majority of the year is brilliant for visiting, so if summer's not convenient to get away then don't worry. November through until March is cooler, which provides a more comfortable temperature to play in compared to the intense heat of late spring to early summer. September and October are the ideal months to visit in. If you're a golfing fan or a beginner looking to learn some skills whilst on holiday then it is worth looking into the golf resorts in North Cyprus, which are growing more and more popular. 





Golf Breaks

Now is also an exciting time to visit the Kyrenia region as facilities are being developed to add variety to life. The Korineum Golf Club is one of these lifestyle facilities on the island. The course is the first international standard professional golf course with 18-holes in North Cyprus. 

It is located perfectly in the foothills of eastern Kyrenia mountain range in the Esentepe region. , situated on the Coast at the foot of The Five Finger Mountain in Esentepe.


Why golf holidays in North Cyprus?

The Korineum Golf & Beach Club is created from a natural Pine forest in the region along with native olive trees. Its location is such that while enjoying golf, tennis, the country club, or spas, you can also take in stunning views of the mountains and coastline, and take time-out from life with a truly peaceful setting. 

You can add golf round packages to your North Cyprus tailor made package holidays while staying in any of our hotels in Kyrenia. 



Kyrenia Gun Club

The Kyrenia Gun Club, although unable to be included in international shooting competitions, has a lively atmosphere of competitive shooting and enjoyable practice. Popular with both locals and expats from around the world, it is especially favoured by the British who enjoy training on the club's Trap and Skeet ranges. The Kyrenia Gun Club opened in 2001 and is located on the side of a hill with beautiful views into the Kyrenia Mountains as well as out to the clear blue sea. A snack bar is available in the large clubhouse which is perfect to grab a drink before or after some target practice as well as a small meal so that you can stay as long as you want. The clubhouse also contains a well stocked shop full of cartridges and popular branded products perfect for getting started or restocking your supplies. The club has an armoury for the safe storage of weapons and overall is a fantastic place to shoot with multiple different ranges for each and every guest to enhance their shot. 


Horse Riding




Horse-riding in North Cyprus is a fun and inspiring activity that will allow you to revel in the beauty of the Cypriot nature! There are about three main riding clubs offering to take visitors on tours around the area. You can explore the scenery, stop for snacks and generally embrace the freedom of roaming the Mediterranean on horseback!

The Catalkoy Riding Club in particular is a well regarded club. It is just 45 minutes outside of the popular region of Kyrenia and provides you with the opportunity to take a riding tour, in which you are guided around some of the historical highlights of the area, such as the Roman Byzantine castles. There is also accommodation that can be found near to here and food can be provided. The Tunac Riding Club, which you'll find in Karaoglanoglu village in Kyrenia, is another popular choice for horse riding. Here you can take a horse riding lesson or once again go on a tour with a picnic included. 

The Kozan Mountain Retreat boasts the enviable location amongst pine clad mountains, which allows you to discover the village of Karsiyaka and to take in some incredible views of the turquoise lit sea shivering beneath the sun. Its unspoilt landscapes make North Cyprus a perfect area for horse riding. It's a wonderful way to get acquainted with the surroundings and an exciting idea for a romantic excursion with your other half or a family day out to keep the kids from getting restless. 


Hiking and Bird Watching

During the spring you'll be able to spot so many beautiful blossoming wild flowers that fill the environment with exotic colour, which gives a glorious setting to perhaps have a picnic. You could also do some bird watching, with North Cyprus being a prime location for many different migrating species. Kyrenia is the best area to be if you want to go hiking, and is usually the location that hiking tours will start from. You can arrange these at the resort, or speak to our travel advisors for extra information. Equipment rental will often be provided by tour groups or shops in the area. A day out exploring the mountaintops will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the Cypriot nature; just remember to bring a bottle of water and decent walking shoes! As a side note, if you don't fancy hiking then there's always the option of a drive or horseback ride through the rugged scenery! 






If you have a fear of heights, you might assume that paragliding will be an absolute nightmare for you, but for anyone to have the confidence to jump it's one of the best feelings in the world to soar over North Cyprus and experience what it must feel like to truly fly. Training is un-necessary because you will paraglide with a guide who will go through the entire trip with you, from explaining the harness to the actual jump and landing, ensuring the whole way that everything is safe and completely controlled. After a small running jump from roughly 25000 ft (which sounds a lot more terrifying than it is) you will find yourself sailing through the beautiful warm air of North Cyprus with fantastic views over the Mediterranean and beyond, and the best feeling in the world as you descend slowly and gradually, or experience a thrill ride depending on what you ask from your pilot. Truly not to be missed, paragliding in North Cyprus is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill in a one-of-a-kind holiday destination. 


Clay Pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport enjoyed many on a regular basis, and also one that people like to try on occasion. The principal of it is that circular clay targets are released from a trap into the air, and the shooter aims to shoot each target. The clay pigeons imitate real pigeons and so hence the name. The shooter usually uses a shotgun or similar medium to long range firearm. There are different speeds and sizes of clays available for more advanced shooters to enjoy the thrill of shooting. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting is an addictive sport that is practices worldwide, and North Cyprus has a range of clubs you can enjoy this sport at. The most popular and well known is Kyrenia Gun club. This is set in the foothills of Kyrenia offering an excellent position for shooting and scenery. There is a clubhouse which is perfect for an after sport dinner or drink. Bring your family along and let them watch you relax in the clubhouse. 

There are a range of targets from Skeet to Trap to entertain you. For a fantastic range of facilities and some the most beautiful settings for the sport, North Cyprus is the location to choose. The clubs have their own guns for hire or you can bring your own. Note that if you are travelling from abroad you will need to make the relevant customs clearances with the firearm in the hull of the aircraft, whilst flying to Ercan with your firearm may be an advantage to minimise customs controls of both Southern Cyprus and then North Cyprus.  




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