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Things To Do Around Kyrenia



Take In The Laid-Back Local Life Of Bellapais Village


Visit Bellapais village with its amazing traditional village life, where author of Bitter Lemons Lawrence Durrell chose as his home. Visit the infamous 13th century ruins built by Canons Regular, captivating all those who visit, making time stand still to the laid back lifestyle that North Cyprus is renowned for.


Bellapais Village


Bellapais Abbey (Abbaye de la Belle Paix) is the Abbey of peace. Its easy to see why its been named this, with its tranquillity luring you into a state of peacefulness. Take time out and admire the Gothic architecture from the Lusignan period.  with its fascinating arches, or climb to the top and take in the mesmerising views. 


Opening hours are 9 to 7pm in the summer and 9 to 1 in the winter months. Visit the local cafes where you can relax and take in the Cypriot culture. Find yourself playing a game of traditional backgammon with the locals. Take a night out cypriot style at the tree of idleness, traditional Cypriot restaurant offering a night out with a welcome from North Cyprus.



Lets The Winds Blow In Your Hair At Buffavento Castle 


Buffavento Castle 

Known as the castle of winds.. The Buffavento Castle is a stunning setting for a day out en-route from Kyrenia to Karpaz peninsula, offering amazing views of North Cyprus with a legendary location. The castle is a good choice for those looking to walk around the mountain range, with a 20 minute walk from the closest car park spot.


 St Hilarion Castle



Climb St. Hilarion Castle And See The Amazing Coastline


The castle of Fairytales is named after a monk that was persecuted from the Holy Middle Eastern lands and hid in the caves of the mountains, living and eventually dying there. It was built originally to protect as a watch point against pirate Arab attacks on West of Kyrenia, North Cyprus. When you climb those steps to the top, you get an awe inspiring view of Kyrenia coastline.



Dwell On The Remains Of The Ancient City Of Lambousa


This was built originally at a natural spring and holds location to three sites in west Kyrenia. A 13th Century Akhiropietos Monastery, built on the remians of a previous Cathedral. The Monastery was made larger and restored as shrine to St. Evalios in the 15th century.


 Turtle Diving



Watch Turtles Lay & Hatch Their Eggs On Turtle Beach 


Turtle Beach In Kyrenia

Alagadi Turtle Beach - A sandy beach in the East of Kyrenia with a small entry fee, but don't forget your sunshade as this is a conservation area for turtles, parasols are not stationed so they do not interfere with nature. This North Cyprus beach is  an ideal place to enjoy the best of north Cyprus bays, as you will find that the beach is usually virtually empty and secluded from other visitors.


You can watch turtle lay their eggs in May and June then they hatch them in July and August. This is an amazing event for adults and families alike. 



Dip Into The Crystal Clear Waters Of Kyrenia Beaches


Kyrenia beaches include:


Denizkizi Beach

A popular sandy cove offering a good range of water sports and a selection of sun beds for relaxation. Also included is a shaded café restaurant for snacks and refreshments.



Deniz kizi beach


Kervansaray Beach

A free of charge local shingle beach. With optional chargeable sun beds, and a shaded café restaurant for snacks.


Escape Beach

A trendy sandy cove, with beach beds on sandy area and grass verges. Offering full range of water sports, the beach also has a shaded café restaurant for al fresco dining, a perfect getaway.


Acapulco Beach

The Acapulco beach is a large sandy beach, offering one of the longest stretches in Kyrenia. This beach club is fully serviced with snack café, and also offers a separate Aqua Park for those with children. The beach is away from other hotels, and restaurants so you will probably spend the day within the complex while you are there. There is an entrance fee for this beach club.



Be Spiritual At Hazreti Omer Mosque And Tombs


The 7th century commander and his men who died whilst battling North Cyprus from Arab raids. The mosque is located in a scenic peninsula, the tombs contain remains of seven Muslim saints.




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