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Getting to and around


There are many different ways you can get to North Cyprus and equally many ways you can get around the scenic island. 


Getting to North Cyprus - Airports


For holidays in North Cyprus you have a choice of flying to North Cyprus itself with its own airport or flying juts south of the border into Cyprus. Thi sis a more popular option as you can fly non-stop direct from many airports, and transfer for just 35 minutes to Famagusta and 1hr15 mins to Kyrenia. 


 Ercan Airport



Ercan Airport, North Cyprus

Ercan International Airport is host to over 100 flights per week making it the largest airport in North Cyprus. Because Turkey is the only country to offer direct flights to North Cyprus, every other international flight arriving in North Cyprus has to come via Turkey. Flights via Turkey to Ercan can take over six hours, and from limited UK departure airports meaning longer travelling time. This is why Direct Traveller offers larnaca non-stop direct flights for your added convenience.

The facilities at Ercan Airport are limited but modern and convenient; two runways service the airport as does a new terminal building that caters to both the arrivals and departures. If you get a bit peckish while waiting for your flight, or if you’ve just landed and feel like a meal, there are two restaurants that are open 24 hours a day that serve both hot food and drinks as well as soft drinks and snacks. But if you want to take advantage of the duty free, there are a few shops offering tobacco, perfume and other novelties.

All Direct Traveller holidays via Turkey arrive at this airport, with a choice of 5 UK airports. We only usually use this option if you request.


Ercan Flights


Larnaca Airport, Cyprus


Larnaca is an international airport located 4km from Larnaca, and is the largest of the two airports that serve South Cyprus, the other being Paphos. Over 5.5 million passengers pass through here a year, and this has led to an extension, with facilities being added such as a larger retail area and more check in desks, so that passengers passing through can have a smooth airport experience. The popularity of this airport comes from an increase in popularity for the island, though Larnaca airport also has the added bonus of being so accessible to and from the main resorts. This means that arrivals needn’t wait too long to get their holiday started!

Most Direct Traveller North Cyprus holidays with non-stop direct flights arrive at this airport, with an amazing and convenient choice of 12 UK airports. This is usually our preferred option for you as standard.



Larnaca airport Flights



Paphos Airport, Cyprus

Paphos International Airport is located near the south west coast of the beautiful island of Cyprus and is the second largest airport in Cyprus, offering guests great access to the whole of Cyprus. Although the transfer times from Paphos to the North of Cyprus is longer than from any other airport in the south, there is a fantastic service from multiple British airports and this option may prove cost effective for many passengers. But don’t worry about the cost of the transfers because when you book your dream Cypriot holiday with Direct Traveller they are completely included! But if you’re planning on spending a little time in South Cyprus before going back home, or before you enjoy the splendour of the north, resorts like Aiya Napa, Protaras and Limassol are only a few hours away. A new terminal opened in 2008 so the modern building and good shopping facilities reinforce what a great choice Paphos is as the start point of your adventure in North Cyprus.

Some Direct Traveller North Cyprus holidays with non-stop direct flights arrive at this airport, with a choice of 5 UK regional and local airports. We only usually use this option if you are looking for very remote departure points


 North Cyprus Flights



Getting Around North Cyprus



There are many options for getting around North Cyprus, from hotel shuttles that take you to local towns, public buses, taxis and the option to cycle or drive if you'd rather take exploring into your own hands.


Private Yacht Charters

There is nothing more luxurious than a trip on a yacht; lounging on the deck in the sun and playing in the sea before cruising into a nearby harbour for some shopping. But whilst on holiday most yacht excursions are for multiple groups of people, reducing your privacy and space as well as freedom to visit any island or harbour you desire. So for some, the idea of chartering a private yacht is the perfect solution.

Although understandably more expensive than a group excursion, the chance to have a yacht completely catered to you and your needs is heaven. Want to spend the morning in Kyrenia harbour having breakfast, then the afternoon learning how to sail amongst seals and dolphins before sunbathing and swimming? No problem. Or would you rather sail around the island just relaxing the entire way? That's fine too. Because all charter yachts let you direct the journey and decide when and where to go or stop. Prepared to sail for multiple days depending on your desires, you can charter a yacht for as long or as short as you want and truly feel like royalty for a day (or four). View North Cyprus in style with a privately chartered yacht and experience the best of this beautiful part of the world from both land and sea.



Private Yatch Charters




If you keep an eye out for taxi stands there are plenty of taxis about to take you wherever you need to go. There usually isn’t a metre in the car so it’s wise to check with the driver how much the journey will cost before setting off. A 'dolmush' service can also still be found in some places, which acts sort of like a bus, sharing the taxi between different passengers all going to the same destination. The price is then split between everyone, which works out as a very affordable way of getting from place to place (though your journey may be longer than usual due to multiple stops).



For getting around the major cities and towns in North Cyprus you can rely on regular buses and mini-buses. An efficient bus service runs from bus stations about every 15-30 minutes, depending where they’re headed to. Fares are usually very cheap, at around 3 Turkish Lira, though could be more expensive if travelling further out of town. Public transport also tends to be slower after 5pm and on weekends.


Bus Terminals

The main towns in North Cyprus should have at least one bus station or mini-bus station. Details are below:



Bus Station (travelling to North Nicosia and Kyrenia): Otobus Terminali

Minibuses: Itimat Bus Station



Bus Station (long-distance): on the corner of Ataturk Caddesi and Kemal Asik Caddesi



Bus Station (long distance): Bedredin Demirel 

Minibuses (travelling to Famgusta and North Nicosia): Belediye Meydani





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