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North Cyprus Health Holidays


Medical Services in North Cyprus


It’s always a good thing to know that you’re in safe hands when it comes to health care abroad, and North Cyprus can certainly provide this security. Whether you’re travelling with a pre-existing medical condition or just want the re-assurance that if you were to have an accident help would be available, you can stay happy with the knowledge that the standard of health care here is high.


There are pharmacies, some of which are open all through the night, surgeries, hospitals and private clinics. Dentists, care homes and even opticians are also available services. You needn’t worry about money too much either, as check ups and treatments within hospitals are completely free while the cost for medication is relatively cheap, which does not come at the sacrifice of good service by any means. You can be sure that the quality of treatments and diagnosis’ is just as good, if not better to the service you would expect back at home.


The emergency contact number for the area is 112 and in any of the main towns of Famagusta, Kyrenia, Guzelyurt and Nicosia you’ll be able to find all medical services nearby. At the moment health insurance is not a necessary requirement in North Cyprus and lastly, visitors can breathe a sigh of relief as they don’t need any jabs or medical procedures before entry into the region.



Health Holidays


Health Holidays


North Cyprus is a destination mainly focused towards beach seekers, but not everyone wants to go abroad for the sun, sea and sand appeal. For those that want cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, IVF or perhaps a medical screening of some sort then travelling can make procedures that would normally cost a lot far more affordable. This is certainly the case with North Cyprus, where there are surgeries that can provide an excellent service for half the price. Not to mention there’s the added bonus of getting to relax in the sun and recover post op.


If you’re interested in flying out to North Cyprus for a procedure specific holiday then just make sure that you’re clued up. Check with your own trusted doctor what you should look for in a decent surgery and research thoroughly online and through forums the places you have in mind. You should always make sure that no matter how much cheaper the service is you’re still getting the best in quality.



IVF Treatment


In-Vitro Fertilization is the most common of infertility treatments, and is a process of manually combining the sperm and eggs to create an embryo outside of the body, before being then implanted into the mother’s uterus.

There are IVF centres in Nicosia of North Cyprus that offer those looking to get the procedure done at a more affordable price, with the added bonus of an exotic location to de-stress in at the same time.

The centres are run by professional staff, all especially conscious of giving great service that is to the standard of the most respected IVF clinics around the world. Having said this, it is of course still essential that you research clinics and check with your doctor at home the legitimate way a clinic should perform this treatment. Once completely secure in your knowledge of the place you are going to North Cyprus is an ideal destination for finding a retreat for relaxation that can simultaneously eliminate any anxieties about the procedure you are getting done.


Laser Eye Therapy


Laser eye therapy can be a lot cheaper in Cyprus, and this along with the idea of relaxing and recovering in the sun bathed surroundings of the Mediterranean afterwards are enticing prospects. If planning a trip abroad for this reason then make sure to be secure in the knowledge that where you’re going is completely legitimate. Research what the procedure involves and check with your doctor at home the details that you should look for in other surgeries that perform laser eye surgery. Check with online forums what others have to say about their experiences of getting this done and make sure to have a consultation with the surgery beforehand too. It is important that you feel comfortable and in safe hands.


Medical Checkups

Medical Checkups and Screenings


If looking to get a comprehensive medical check up, which tests your blood, skin, eye-sight, joints and general physical health, then clinics in North Cyprus can provide this service for a more affordable price than many places in the UK. Prices do often depend on age, and you should always check the reputation of the clinic/hospital you are going to, though many are well regarded with service equal to those that are more expensive around the world.


Plastic Surgery


Whilst we wouldn’t recommend having a spur of the moment boob job done as a holiday impulse, if plastic surgery is something that you’ve been considering for a while then North Cyprus could be a destination to look into. Plastic surgery is expensive, though in Cyprus prices tend to be far more affordable. This doesn’t sacrifice on quality either, with the service of surgeries often being equally matched to the high standard of many UK surgeries. The warm Mediterranean location also provides the ideal setting for recuperating afterwards.

The most important thing is that any visitors contemplating getting plastic surgery abroad should take precautions. Make sure that you consult your doctor at home about what you should look for in a decent plastic surgeon. Research surgeries in the area and browse forums to find feedback. Go for a consultation with the plastic surgeon first to be sure that the surgery is right for you, and always make sure to check the possible implications of the operation. So long as you know for definite you’re making the right decision then North Cyprus could be a great place to consider for getting plastic surgery done.


Special Assistance


Special Assistance


It can sometimes be quite troublesome for those in a wheelchair or with mobility issues to get around, and going on holiday often just exacerbates the issue.

Getting on and off the place, finding your way around and accessing tourist attractions can be at best annoying, especially when you find yourself in a country which is largely incapable and unprepared to handle the needs of people with mobility impairments. But we know that you aren’t going to let that hold you back from visiting the beautiful regions of North Cyprus – they may be unprepared in some ways, but it doesn’t mean you have to be.

Research and preparation is often the most important part of arranging a holiday and especially so when you have particular needs. Unfortunately, there are always going to be certain tourist sights (the mountain castles are the most obvious examples) where wheelchair access is just a nightmare. However, a nightmare doesn’t mean impossible and with the correct preparations you can figure out if sites have disabled access and where it is as well as what you might face. Maybe the access is along uneven ground, or maybe there are steps or even a steep ramp but as long as you’re prepared, you won’t be disappointed for having wasted time and you can focus instead on everything amazing that you can do!

As for the flight and hotel, all airports and airlines have disabled preparations and some even have easy check in desks. Hotels are different; some have easy access whilst others can be next to impossible for a wheelchair, or not worth the effort because of the great distance to central shops and sights. To find out what will suit you give us a call for some advice.




There are plenty of pharmacies in North Cyprus, especially within the main towns and cities of Famagusta, Guzelyurt, Kyrenia and Nicosia. There will usually be at least one in these places that also stays open throughout the night, just in case of any emergencies. Each pharmacy sells practically every over-the-counter prescription you might need, and can also deal with renewing prescriptions.





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