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Shopping in North Cyprus is an enjoyable activity, and provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to get involved with the local life through haggling at the markets!


 Souvenir shops



While on your North Cyprus holidays, you’ll have the chance to buy goods that are unique to the North Cyprus culture and reminiscent of the countries past. There are fresh foods, clothes, shoes and many handcrafts such as the popular lefkara lace, while Arasta Sokagi in Nicosia is the hot spot for bazaars, which sell many goods from Turkish pottery to cushion covers. The bazaars also offer browsers an authentic experience of shopping in an Ottoman inspired atmosphere.


If looking for more modern items for shopping in North Cyprus then there are plenty of jewellery shops around, along with places selling fashionable clothing or fake designer accessorise. There are two chains of supermarkets for shopping that provide visitors with the facilities to stock up on any essentials they might need, and most shops will be found in main towns such as Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta. You’ll have plenty of spending temptation, but the best part is that prices are affordable. Finding gifts should be a breeze!



shopping in North cyprus


Modern shops & outlets


When thinking of shops in North Cyprus it is easy to jump your mind to the many market stools show casing cuisine and skilfully handcrafted items ready to be haggled for. There are of course many modern shops also. Most usefully there are local supermarkets selling alcohol for double take cheap prices.


These are run by the North Cyprus chains Lemar and Astro and are especially handy if you need to stock up on any extra essentials. There are also smaller stores that sell fresh foods. Clothes shops are in popular demand from many tourists, varying from selling high fashions to fake designer items along with accessorise. The quality of these can depend on the shop but there’s certainly a good range to be browsed. Jewellery stores are one of the most popular and prominent establishments scattered about main towns, selling gold and silver, gems and an exciting variety of chains and pendants. Bazaar shops sell items of a more traditional nature, keeping close to the materials representative of the old villages in North Cyprus.





There are things such as silk, Turkish pottery, scarves, baskets, tiles and cushion covers. Many of the main shops will be found in Kyrenia and Nicosia, though in Famagusta there are also some antique style shops, selling old materials such as copper and other household decoration/items.


The one thing that you’ll find most of the shops in North Cyprus share in common is their affordable prices. You’ll be able to find some great bargains; though do make sure to check the quality of certain items.


Souvenier Shopping


North Cyprus is full of unique handcrafted treats that are ideal as a holiday memento or for friends and family back home. Each souvenir represents the traditions of the culture, and the skill that has gone into the crafts allows buyers to take away something personal to authentic Cypriot life. The Lefkara lace work is a popular souvenir in particular, for which linen is used as a canvas to delicately cut out and embroider with pretty shapes and patterns. These are wonderful as decoration around the house, perhaps on the surface of a table for example. Hand painted pottery is often available, displaying unique designs and patient artistry.



Tourists shopping



Plaiting is a talent of some North Cypriots, who sell wheat, corn and various plants that have been woven into sophisticated shapes and meticulous patterns. There are also straw baskets styled of a Mediterranean fashion along with the famous Kilim woven rugs that show a considerate nature infused into the scale of the pattern. Sheepskin rugs are popular also, as are genuine leather jackets if you're looking to get prepared for winter. There are plenty of little objects such as candlesticks, brass-ware and coffee pots. The Yemeni is a traditional head scarf worn by some North Cyprus women.


These are usually embellished in colourful threaded patterns and make a beautiful accessory (that is also a symbol of wealth in the Cypriot culture!) One of the most common of the souvenirs has to be the Nazar Boncugu, also known as 'The Evil Eye'. These are a blue rounded symbol with a rather ominous looking eyeball in the middle. The importance and tradition behind them is that they are supposed to ward off any hidden negative intentions from others, reflecting the evil eye of deceitful or envious people.


This is a popular symbol around the Mediterranean and one that will serve as a charm even after you've left the country. These souvenirs all hold a connection that is one of a kind with their culture, and you won't ever find anything quite like them outside of North Cyprus! You certainly won't be stuck for gift material (just remember to brush up on your haggling skills!) 



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