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There is nothing better than feeling the wind and sun on your face and smelling the beautiful citrus trees as you pass them in North Cyprus. Cycling or biking in any part of the world is fantastic but North Cyprus truly defines what a fantastic bike journey should be. No matter whether you're cycling or going by motorbike, with mountain trails or coastal paths, there's something fascinating about touring a region with the freedom that biking offers.

There are multiple companies that arrange tours, or give advice on where the best paths are if you want to go it alone, and they are a fantastic source of guidance when you are in Cyprus. But for now all the information you need is below whether you're a hardcore cyclist who wants to stay on their bike for the entire trip, or just want to take a leisurely tour of the region you're staying in as a day trip, we have all the information you need.





Mountain Biking

A part of North Cyprus' beauty is its display of mountain ridge silhouettes that you will always catch in the distance. These decorate the scenery like watchful protectors, bordering off the rest of the world so that visitors feel safe and faraway from everything. For those that enjoy hiking and exploring the nature of where they travel to, North Cyprus has a lot to offer. The famous and iconic Kyrenia Mountains, more commonly known as the Five Finger Mountains, are the most popular spot for hikers. These face the beautiful North Cyprus coastline, and allow magnificent views of some historical treasures, including Kyrenia castle, 


Mountain Bike Trails 

The bike trail network covers almost 580km of the north part of the island with a range of difficulty for everyone from beginner to expert. Largely the trails have information boards to show the route upon a map as well as to give information about the area. As the entire north region of the country (Kyrenia and Karpaz) have interconnecting trails it is possible to bike the entirety of the north. The trails are also marked so that you should keep an eye out for trees marked with white and green signs that indicate where the trail is and which direction it continues in. 



Motor Biking



Road Cycling 

The freedom of cycling is similar to that of driving but with one major difference: cycling is better. Before you even think about how healthy you feel and how fantastic the work out is, you only need to consider one thing - the ability to jump off of your bike and run straight into the sea. No parking, no tickets and no petrol: just the freedom of cycling past beautiful donkeys in Karpaz and being able to stop, get off your bike and take some photos without worrying about a thing. 

We don't need to convince you of the benefits of cycling either; all we at Direct Traveller want you to know is how breathtaking the scenery is and how amazing the places are. You can cycle for days if you want, or just an hour in the morning, go on a tour around the country, or just cycle to the beach from your hotel. No matter what the distance or destination, cycle through North Cyprus and you will understand why it is considered perfection, untouched beauty and fantastic amenities await you and the chance to cycle through beautiful country side is at your fingertips no matter how long or short your holiday. In case you're planning on staying a little longer than a normal holiday and want to get involved in a cycling club or just love cycling in groups, why not ask at the bike rental centre and they'll be more than happy to sort you out with other bike lovers.



Motor Biking 

There's nothing like riding through the coastal regions of North Cyprus on a motorbike, from the feel of the engine beneath you to the sun on your back and the whoosh of the waves all around you, there's an undeniable liberating feeling about knowing you can go wherever you want and don't have to be restricted to the region that your hotel is in. Want to have breakfast in Kyrenia harbour, but your hotel is in Nicosia? No problem if you just rent a bike and set off with the warmth of the sun beside you and the sea ahead. There's almost no limit to where you can go in this fantastic country with a motorbike! Need more information? 




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